Friday, November 5, 2010

SeaVoices: Working Toward a Sea Change

by:  Duffy Healey & Elizabeth Laul Healey
published by:  Healey Publishing Inc.

This is a great coffee table style book chock full of pictures and interviews of celebrities, activists and scientists on the topics of the environment and protecting our oceans. 

It is an absolutely beautiful large hard cover book.  I will most certainly be keeping this one on the bookshelf for the kiddos to look over.  The pictures are beautiful and inspiring.  The interviews are interesting and full of all kinds of unique information. 

I was impressed to see how up to date this book was as several of the interviews referenced the April 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.  As a resident of Louisiana this is a topic of great interest to me personally. 

The range of people that are interviewed in this book is outstanding.  There are surfers and artists and actors along with the oceanographers and marine biologists.  Politicians and musicians and fisherman also weigh in with their insights about the future of our oceans.  Some names you might recognize are Ted Danson, Yoko Ono, Jason Mraz, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Kennedy Jr, Ziggy Marley, Kate Walsh, and Tony Hawk.  That's just a tiny fraction of the interviews included.

This book would make an excellent holiday gift.  It can be purchased on their website.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone maybe middle grade and up, particularly ocean lovers and people striving to be more environmentally friendly or maybe people you wish would be more environmentally friendly.

Sea Voices also has a Facebook page

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