Thursday, February 10, 2011

Throwback Thursday - The Touch of Fire

Author: Linda Howard
First published in 1992 by Pocket Books

Rafe McCay has a bullet in his side and a bounty hunter on his tail. Since there are few doctors in the Arizona Territory, he takes what he can get...literally. Pointing a gun at Dr. Annie Parker, he abducts her into the mountains so she can tend his wounds. In this dangerous wilderness world, Rafe awakens in Annie a woman's hungry desire, as Annie finds a man wounded in soul as well as body. Her healing touch brings him new hope, but the secrets of the past still pursue them. The exhilarating journey they must take together teaches both the true meaning of danger...and of enduring love.

One thing I can say about Linda Howard is that she knows how to write a love scene. The scenes in The Touch of Fire are very hot! Overall it isn't a bad story. It is easy to get over the fact that Rafe kidnaps Annie because Rafe is actually a likable character. You can tell that he comes to care about her very early in their association. I had a harder time liking Annie. She is a 29YO female doctor who has seen so much in her life, yet she is so prudish and shy in the beginning. I had a hard time buying that scenario. However, I was rooting for them in the end and believed their HEA. If you skipped this earlier Linda Howard, give it a shot. I listened to the audio version of the book. Natalie Ross is one of my favorite narrators. She always does a great job.


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