Thursday, May 5, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Trying Patience

Author: Carla Neggers
First Published in 1992 by Harlequin

Nature writer Patience Madrid didn't want to be in New York city. The stuffed moose head in her mountain cabin was a better conversationalist than most New York cabdrivers! Besides, she liked being a hermit. But her sister insisted she apartment-sit. Now Patience knew why—she'd been set up with a sexy roommate.

Jake Farr needed a place to crash. He hadn't bargained on having a female Davy Crockett as company. Chic women in lacy lingerie were his preference. Patience wore long underwear! Jake soon discovered that making love to this natural woman was like a breath of fresh air—and it made this city slicker dizzy. But would giving up his Jacuzzi for an outhouse in the woods try his patience?

Trying Patience is a classic story of "opposites attract". I really enjoyed the characters in this tale. Patience is a strong woman who knows what she wants. Jake doesn't quite know how to handle her. Will either of them have to give up the world they feel comfortable in for love? I won't give away the end, but the HEA is satisfying. I think this is one of Ms. Neggers better early works. Quite different from the romantic suspense that she writes now. It's a quick and easy read. I got my copy from the library, as I think it might be out of print. If you can find it, give it a shot. You might like it!


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