Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daughter of Darkness

by:  V.C. Andrews
published by:  Pocket Star
publish date:  October 2010

One night, with the sound of a young man’s scream, high school senior Lorelei discovers that her stern but loving father, who adopted Lorelei and her sisters as infants, is no ordinary man. He has raised his beautiful girls for one purpose: to lure young men into their world of shadows. Like her sisters, Lorelei has been trained in the art of seduction and warned never to fall in love. But when she meets a handsome and charming classmate, she boldly defies her family and follows her heart—even if love is a poison. . . .Dangerously enticing and deliriously intoxicating.

This book was in a word, BAD.  I listened to the audiobook, and that narrator I swear made it worse, laughably worse.  Have you seen the movie "Romancing the Stone", when Kathleen Turner is doing the voice over parts to her romance novel?  She's being all overly dramatic?  That's what it made me think of. 

I remember reading tons of VC Andrews when I was a teenager and loving them.  I don't remember them being so bad.  I guess those were written by the "real" VC Andrews?  Now, it's a ghost writer and I guess the publisher doesn't care about content too much and just wants to slap a money making name on anything they can get. 

This book was also a little bit skeevy with the constant incestuous overtone.  What's a VC Andrews book with out it?  But this was really blatant and constant with these girls obsession with their Daddy.  It was just kinda icky.

P.S.  And their last name is PATIO?  Come on!!  They're wealthy vampires and their last name is Patio??  Seems like they would have something a lot more elegant and/or powerful than what I put my lawnchairs and tomato plants on.

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Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I grew up reading V.C. Andrews. Although I'm not suprised this one wasn't any good. As the books went along and it became a ghost writer they really weren't that good anymore.