Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Tour: Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well

Author:James Fetters
Publisher: Sabre E-Books
Date of Publication: February 8th 2011

Jeepers Creepers Theater in 1962 ignited a love of horror hosts that was the beginning of a life-long addiction for many fans. But as much as the audience loved the shows, they never knew the horror that occurred off-screen — live adult stage performances, lawsuits and cutthroat competition. What started off as risqué and sexy by 1954 standards ended as risqué sexy by 1984 standards. Horror hosts affected 30 years of television history… a phenomenon that is not known by today’s generation but well remembered by the Baby Boomers and now chronicled for future generations.

Much of this 365-page book is packed with detailed reference material that has been sadly lacking on the subject. In Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well, you will find: Little-known trivia, Over 250 photos, ads and images–many never seen before movie listings by date, actual scripts, interviews with hosts and writers, and identities revealed for the first time. 

I remember watching Creature Double feature on Saturday mornings when I was child. While there was no host for the show, this book brought back lots of memories of those B-horror movies that I loved so much!  Creatures of the Night gives us a glimpse into the unique lives of the hosts of past late night horror shows, such as Vampira and my personal favorite, Elvira. This book is loaded with quotes, photos, anecdotes and time lines.  While I loved eery part of this book, I wish some of the scanned documents and articles were a little bigger.  Some were difficult to read and I found this a bit frustrating at times. 

Creatures of the Night is a great book for any fan old B-horror movies, like myself.One of my favorite parts on of the book is toward the end where a number of old movies are listed, each with a synopsis and credits.  I will be sitting down with this list an browsing Netflix to see what I can add to my queue!  This is a fun book and I know you will enjoy it!


James Fetters grew up watching and recording TV horror host shows on a reel to reel tape recorder starting in 1962. Finding the tapes years later inspired him to start a website, which led to contact from directors, script writers, actors, and the creators of the programs he so enjoyed. He’s also written articles and worked as webmaster for Scary Monsters Magazine. Currently he lives in Boise, Idaho and spends his time writing and dreaming when he’s not acquiring history from nationally shown TV horror hosts.

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