Sunday, September 2, 2012

Audiobook Review: Deadline Man by Jon Talton

by:  Jon Talton
published by:  Poisoned Pen Press
publish date:  May 1, 2010

From the moment one of his sources takes a dive off a downtown skyscraper, the columnist is plunged into a harrowing maze of murder, intrigue and secrets that powerful forces intend to keep hidden at all costs. All he has to go on is a corporate world where nothing is as it seems, increasingly menacing encounters with mysterious federal agents and the unsettling meme “eleven/eleven.”

This was my random audiobook pick from the library.  It looked like an exciting story and for the most part it was.

I didn't particularly care for the main character, his name is never give in a bit of creative writing.  He was a total womanizer.  The writer tried to make him come across across as caring for them women in his life and that was why he had them in a revolving door, but really he just kinda came across as a jerk to me. 

The 11/11 conspiracy and "Federal Agents" it was all interesting, but it got slightly confusing in the audiobook format.  I think if I were reading an actual book I might have flipped back a few sections to reread some parts, but that isn't too easy on audiobooks.  So I just stuck with my confusion.

Was it an awesome audiobook?  No, not really, but it was a decent one.  I didn't feel like my time was wasted when it was over and the story was somewhat entertaining.  Would it be worth buying?  Probably not, definitely get this one at the library.

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