Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Joint review: Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee by Carolyn Brown

Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Date of Publication: March 1, 2013

Everything is calm in Cadillac, Texas until Aunt Agnes declares war on Violet Prescott, the president of the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society, just in time for the annual jubilee. But after the festivities—and the hostilities—are over, it's four friends who are left standing, proving once again that friendship is forever.

When I started this book, I almost put it down.  I didn't much like the characters.  I thought they were abrasive and read as older than they were.  I'm glad I gave it a chance.  I ended up enjoying the story.  You ever want to read a story about a nasty person who thinks they are all that and a bag of chips?  You know the type.  She's the queen bee in town and everyone bows to her.  Ever want to read a story about seeing her get what's due?  Then this book is for you.

 It is filled with hilarious characters.  Aunt Agnes is the type of old lady I want to be when I get older!  The small town gossip makes for some fun times. But at the heart of the book, you will find a wonderful story about deep friendship.  All I can say, is stick with it and I think you will enjoy the book. 

I'm a big fan of Southern Literature so I was happy to give this book a shot.  I was really disappointed with the characters.  They were all big and loud and outrageous.  It was the characters were all Paula Deen at various stages of her life. 

I started reading the book and didn't care for so I set it aside.  When I tried to go back to it, I found that my feelings really hadn't changed.  So, unfortunately, this book just wasn't for me.  This is one of the rare times Kari and I disagree on a book.

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