Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: When Shadows Fall by Kate Fellowes

Author: Kate Fellows
First published in 2007 by  Swimming Kangroo Books

Gretchen Waller arrives at the remote estate, Mill Hollow, eager to begin her job as assistant to handsome author John David Honeycutt. Amid the snowbound wild of the haunting north woods she finds deception and danger as John's investigation into his family's history stirs up dark secrets- secrets which have already led to murder. Drawn to John, Gretchen soon takes up his quest to uncover the truth. Can they solve the crime before the killer strikes again or will Mill Hollow claim more victims when shadows fall?

I found this book on my library's audio site.  I had never heard of the author or the book, so I gave it a shot.  Over all it isn't a bad book.  It's a pretty quick mystery that did have me guessing. I didn't really confirm my suspicions until Gretchen figured it out.   There is also a hint of romance.  When I say hint, I mean a teeny tiny smidge.  In the end of the book, John states that he hopes Gretchen is around for a long time, meaning for a HEA.  But aside from a few kisses, when did they fall in love?  It think that could have just been left out of the entire thing. I kept hoping for more on that front.

One thing I found odd about the book is that it read like it was set in the 80s or early 90s.  I know it was written in 2007, so I was puzzled that any one by 2007 wouldn't know how to work a computer or a lap top. At any rate,  it is a quick read and worth checking out if you are looking for something to tide you over.

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