Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann

Author: Suzanne Brockmann
First published in 2001 by Mass Market Paperback

"The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists." Meg Moore remembered the warning from her job as a translator in a European embassy. Those same words will spell out a death sentence for her daughter and grandmother who have been kidnapped by a lethal group called the Extremists. Meg will do anything to meet their unspeakable demands; anything—even kill—to save her child.

When Navy SEAL Lieutenant, junior grade, John Nilsson is summoned to Washington, D.C., by the FBI to help negotiate a hostage situation, the last person he expects to see holding a foreign ambassador at gunpoint is Meg. He hasn't seen her in years, but he's never forgotten how it feels to hold her in his arms. John could lose his career if he helps her escape. She will lose her life if he doesn't. . .

The Defiant Hero is the second book in the Troubleshooters series.  I really like this series because it has interesting characters and very hot Navy Seals!  While I enjoyed the story, I also felt like there was too much going on the the book. It was pretty long!  This story is told a lot through flashbacks and the waffling back and forth got a little tiring after a while.  Also, instead of focusing on one romance, there were really 3 going on in the book.  Well, one is really the beginning of a romance.  Sam and Alyssa's relationship looks like it is going to take a while to play out. Looking ahead, I think their story is in book 6.

The main relationship is Meg and John.  When her daughter is kidnapped, Meg calls her friend John to some help save the day.  I liked their love story.  I just didn't like Meg much.  I thought she made some incredibly dumb moves.  Why call John when she isn't going to trust him to help save her daughter and grandmother?  It drove me nuts how she kept trying to get rid of him.  We are also treated to a World War II romance as Eve relates how she met her husband Ralph and fell in love.  It was truly a sweet story and one not uncommon for the time.

This throwback is a good addition to the series.  Definitely worth checking out!

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