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Blog Tour: Interview, Giveaway & Review TURNED by Virna DePaul

Today, we have an exciting character interview from the main characters from Turned by Virna DePaul. Enjoy it after my thoughts on the book.  We are also giving away an advanced copy of the book.  See the Rafflecopter below for details. (Us & Canada only)

Author: Virna DePaul
Publisher: Bantam (Random House)
Date of publication: April 1, 2014

Welcome to a mesmerizing world where vampires hide among humans. This centuries-old species has its own rules, code of conduct, and taboos. Only the FBI knows that vampires exist—and although the Bureau agrees to keep their secret, it also plots to give humans the upper hand.

Turning mortals into vampires is forbidden.  But there are creatures who refuse to play by the rules.

Ever since he was turned, FBI special agent Ty Duncan has had one mission: bring rogue vampires to justice. As a recruiter for Belladonna, a shadow agency formed to keep vampires in check, Ty must tap Ana Martin, a troubled ex–gang member and one of the few mortals who can infiltrate places that his kind and the law cannot. From their first encounter, Ty fights a hunger to make Ana his own.

When Ty claims to have information about Ana’s missing sister, Ana has no choice but to trust this captivating stranger who awakens her deepest desires. But as she and Ty climb the heights of pleasure and passion, an enemy is conspiring to destroy them both.  Can Ana help Ty find his humanity in a love that could heal them both, or will their passion lead them into a darkness impossible to escape?

My thoughts:

Turned is the first in a new series by Virna DePaul.  I really enjoyed the book and the world that this author has created.  Although, I do have to confess that I'm not a hundred percent sure of what is going on in the world.  There were parts that were a bit vague, but I think that will work itself out in future books.  Vampires are real, but  no one knows about them except the FBI.  They are born or turned.  The book wasn't too clear on how the turning happens so hopefully that will be explained more later on.  I think in the first book, it is hard sometimes to build the world completely without boring the reader.  So while I wanted to know more, I was happy the book wasn't too detailed right away.

I loved Ana and Ty.  Ty has been turned against his will and hates what he has become.  He has to recruit Ana to help the FBI in their work.  The attraction for both is instant.  I thought they were good for each other.  The other characters were interesting and I look forward to reading their stories.  I think this is a good start to a great series.  I can't wait for the next one to come out!

Thank you Kari for having me here today! Ty and Ana, the hero and heroine from Turned, my upcoming paranormal release, are excited to do their first public interview with you. 

Ty is an FBI special agent who was forcibly turned into a vampire.  He’s not only struggling with the loss of his humanity, but his strong feelings for Ana, a woman he’s been ordered to recruit for the Belladonna Agency.  Belladonna is a black ops organization formed to hunt down vampire criminals.  Ana is a former gang member trying to live a quiet life – but that’s all blown to hell when Ty arrives!

I hope your readers enjoy Ty and Ana and have a chance to enter the giveaway.

What one word best describes you?
Ty: Hot
Ana: Really Ty?!
Ty: What? My mistake. I thought I was supposed to be describing you, princess.
Ana: I’d pick “fighter to describe myself.
Ty: My mistake again. Let me correct myself. Hot fighter.
Ana: That’s two words, but thank you. We still need one word that describes you.
Ty: Relentless--when I set my sights on something I never give up.
Ana: Now that’s the truth!

What was your first thought about each other after your first meeting?
Ty: Mine
Ana: Asshole
Ty: That’s the best you’ve got?
Ana: *smiles sweetly* How about massive asshole?
Ty: You know you wanted me! You wanted me so much you pulled a gun on me in a dark alley and then rubbed your hands all over me.
Ana: I was searching you for a gun. One I found by the way. And took from you!
Ty: Only because I wanted you to take it so I could take it back…after I kissed you.
Ana: But only after I made you work for it.
Ty: I’ll work for eternity for the chance to kiss you, princess.
Ana: Me, too, Ty. *Tears up* Next question, please.

What would we find under your bed?
Ty: Since we’re almost always in it… nothing.
Ana: *Sighs* And if you actually ever did look…nothing. Especially not any monsters hiding under the bed. Ty cleaned house, including all the monsters from my life.
Ty: Oh princess…
Ana: It’s true.

What makes you happy?
Ty: Ana *smiles*
Ana: Ty *smiles*

It’s Virna again! Ty and Ana are heading out on another dangerous mission followed by some hot romance. I hope you’ll get to know them better in Turned!

About the author:

Virna DePaul is a USAToday and New York Times bestselling author of steamy, suspenseful fiction. Whether its vampires, a Para-Ops team, hot cops or swoon-worthy identical twin brothers, her stories center around complex individuals willing to overcome incredible odds for love. Bedding The Wrong Brother is a #1 Bestselling Contemporary Romance, and is followed by Bedding The Bad Boy. Her PNR series with Random House launches on April 1, 2014 with Turned. She loves to hear from readers at

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