Saturday, March 15, 2014

Water Walker by Ted Dekker

Author: Ted Dekker
Date of publication:

My name is Alice Ringwald, but the man who kidnapped me says that's a lie.

Thirteen-year old orphan Alice Ringwald has no memory beyond six months ago. The only life she knows is the new one she's creating one day at a time with the loving couple that recently adopted her and gave her new hope.

That hope, however, is shattered one night when she is abducted by a strange man. In a frantic FBI manhunt, he vanishes.

So begins Water Walker, a modern day parable that examines the staggering power of forgiveness, and reminds us that it's possible to live free of the hurt that keeps our souls in chains.

Water Walker is the second in the Outlaw series by Ted Dekker.  I reviewed the first book, Eyes Wide Open, back in January.  I enjoyed that book and was looking forward to this one.  As with the first one, Water Walker was released in four parts.  I really wanted to like this book.  Unfortunately for me, I had a hard time getting into it.  I lasted about half way through.  

I found the book slow and kind of confusing. I'm not sure where the book was going. I was looking forward to the FBI chase and maybe finding out more about the years that Alice couldn't remember. Sadly, the book skipped 5 years ahead and a hidden trust fund and weird cult leader came into play. That left me disappointed. I found the religious cult aspect over the top.  Also, Alice/Eden is supposed to be off the charts smart, but she didn't ever think to escape with her little brother?  She also took it on the kidnappers' word that this woman was her birth mother.  I found that hard to believe. The book has gotten a lot of good reviews. I just think it wasn't for me.  

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