Sunday, August 30, 2015

Books We Didn't FInish - August Edition

The Hand that Feeds You -This is like one of the hottest books of the summer.  It's on every must read list.  I didn't care for it.  I didn't buy the fact that these women were totally duped by this guy.  Most women who online date are freakishly cautious and online stalk a guy until they know everything about every person in their life.  I just wasn't buying the story.

Challenger Deep -This  was a book I got as a review copy.  It was also on a big display at the library so I was kind of expecting big things from this book.  I really, really didn't like it.  I was very confused from the very beginning as to what kind of book this was supposed to be; modern day or pirates?  Then there was this alliteration thing that was super annoying.  Just definitely not the book for me.

Tiny Pretty Things -I've read a few other ballerina books and I've always enjoyed them.  The dancing and the drama is always appealing.   I had hoped I'd like this one.  Tiny Pretty Things never captured or held my interest.  There were too many other books calling my name.

Station Eleven - Once again, this was a book that just didn't capture my interest.  It seemed like the kind of book I would really like and I would be really into.  I think I'm kind of burnt out on the post apocalyptic thing.  I don't want to think about a super flu wiping out humanity right's just not working for me.

Killing Monica:  Being a Sex in the City fan, I thought I would like this book.  I couldn't make it past the divorce party scene.  The main character Pandy was annoying as were all of her friends.  I think if I read the word Monica one more time, I was going to scream.  Parody or not, it wasn't funny.

Book of Numbers - This was a book that I knew was just not going to hold my interest.  I tried the first disc, but gave up.  I was really bored. Besides it  is a really long book and  unless the book sucks me right in, I don't want to waste my time.

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