Monday, February 27, 2017

The Heart You Need by Diane R. Jewkes

Author: Diane R. Jewkes
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Date of publication: January 2017

When society reporter Adeline Ellsworth’s cousin, a police inspector, is murdered in 1896 San Francisco, she immediately sets out to uncover the truth. This could be her chance to leave frivolous fashion gossip behind for a career reporting on important issues. But her investigation leads to danger—and she wakes up tied to Alec McCairn, Lord Peyton. 

In California to set up a new office, the Scottish peer definitely wasn’t looking for a romantic entanglement, especially with an independent, opinionated reporter. But he suspects the beguiling Adeline is in over her head and too proud to ask for help. He vows to protect her, no matter how hard she balks. 

A widow, Adeline guards her heart carefully and doesn’t want Alec ruining her chance to expose this corruption, no matter how attractive or charming he is. But then the main suspect kidnaps her younger brother and demands Adeline’s research as ransom. To save him and crack the case, they must work together. But the biggest mystery they end up solving might just be how to capture each other’s heart.

For the most part, I did enjoy The Heart you Need.  It had more romance than suspense, but enough to keep me reading. I didn't realize going into this book that it was the second in a series.   But, I was happy to see that it did fairly well as a stand alone.  There were characters from the first book, but enough back story was provided so I didn't feel lost.   In it, Adeline or "Linne" is a society reporter and photographer for a San Francisco newspaper.  She is convinced that her cousin was murdered in the line of duty and is trying to use her reporting skills to find out the truth.  Alec is in town for business when he ends up kidnapped and tied to Linnie.

I really liked the characters most.  I loved Linnie and her drive to find the truth all while trying to be a proper lady at the same time.  It was amusing how she could talk about prostitutes in one breath and in the next blush and admit it wasn't appropriate conversation.  I also  really liked Alec and his need to protect Linnie.  Their HEA was a bit fast, but it kind of fit with the time period.

The one thing that I felt wasn't as strong was the mystery part.  The reader pretty much knows the bad guy up front.  I think if you go into this expecting more of a romance, you'll be fine.  The secondary characters had me intrigued enough that I would like to go back and read the first one, The Heart You Own.

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