Thursday, June 8, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Widows & Orphans by Susan Meissner

Author: Susan Meissner
First published in 2007 by Harvest House Publishers

"Widows and Orphans "is the debut novel in the new Rachael Flynn mystery series by critically acclaimed author, Susan Meissner.? The perfect new series for readers who enjoy CBA authors Dee Henderson, Angela Hunt, and Brandilyn Collins.

When her ultra-ministry-minded brother, Joshua, confesses to murder, lawyer Rachael Flynn begs him to let her represent him, certain that he is innocent. But Joshua refuses her offer of counsel.

As Rachael works on the case, she begins to suspect that Josh knows who the real killer is, but she is unable to get him to cooperate with his defense.? Why won't he talk to her? What is Josh hiding?

This was the debut novel for this author.  I had no idea that she wrote Christian fiction back in the day.  In Widows and Orphans, Rachael Flynn is a lawyer who is on maternity leave, when she finds out her brother has confessed to a murder.  She sets about trying to prove he is lying.

I ultimately did like the story.  However, I think it could have been a lot shorter.  It was a bit repetitive and went over a lot of the same material.  I thought Rachael was a strong female character. The mystery wasn't too surprising, but there was a little twist.  Overall, I think for a debut, it was a good effort.  Her later writings are much stronger.  There are a couple more books in the series and I look forward to reading them.

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