Thursday, July 13, 2017

Throwback Thursday: What Dreams May Come by Kay Hooper

Author: Kay Hooper
First published in 1990 by Bantam; Reissued in 2016

Just a week before her wedding, Kelly Russell’s world falls apart: A car accident leaves her fiancé in a coma from which doctors predict he will never awaken. At first, Kelly doesn’t believe them. But as the years pass, she comes to accept her fate and mourn the love of her life. What she doesn’t anticipate is for passion to lay dormant, hidden beneath the surface all this time—only to rise again when she least expects it.
After a decade of slumber, John Mitchell opens his eyes to a world that’s different from the one he remembers. Kelly has changed, though his deep love for her hasn’t. Gone is the carefree girl he planned to marry, replaced by a resilient survivor who moved on without him. Mitch asks for a little bit of time—a month—to prove that they’re still meant to be. But as his dreams come true, a nightmare waits in the shadows. Now, granted a second chance at happiness, Mitch must risk everything to keep Kelly safe in his arms.

What Dreams May Come is a re-read for me.  My opinion on the book didn't much change upon the second reading.  This is the third in the "Once Upon a Time" series and is based off a combination Sleeping Beauty/Rip Van Winkle plot.  The story opens with John "Mitch"  Mitchell left in a coma after a car accident and his fiance trying to reconcile the possibility that he may never wake up.  She decides to  move on with her life.  9 years later, "Mitch" miraculously wakes up still loving Kelly and wanting to get her back.

This is a sweet second chance story. However, I would have loved it more had it been longer.  I would have like to see more of Kelly and Mitch together before the coma to see how they were then, rather than being told.  It would have made for their changes to seem more significant later when they get back together.  There is also a little mystery with her ex-husband, but that was kind of anti-climactic.  So, while I did enjoy it, it could have been better with more to the story.

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