Monday, February 12, 2018

Strange Tango by Michelle Dayton

Author: Michelle Dayton
Publisher: Carina Press
Date of publication: June 2017
Adam Patrick Henry, professional jewel thief, knows an amateur—and a cheap wig—when he sees one. The mysterious woman across the room is far from a pro, but her good instincts might come in handy on his next job. He could use a partner, and if that partner happens to be irresistible, all the better.

Jessica Hughes has a long way to climb—and a whole lot to prove—before she's back where she belongs. A cruel setup cost Jessica her job and her reputation, and she's not opposed to a disguise and some underhanded tactics if it means getting her life back. But she's no thief, not really, and teaming up with a gorgeous stranger who's clearly up to no good might prove more dangerous than it's worth.

Working a job this big could give Adam and Jessica everything they've ever wanted—if their rocky partnership lasts long enough to carry it off. 

Strange Tango is the first in a trio of novellas about Adam and Jessica.  Adam is a professional thief and Jessica is out to clear her name of any wrong doing in the scandal that lost her her job and reputation.  From the first time they met, the sparks fly. 

The story was quite an enjoyable short read.  I liked the chemistry  between Adam and Jessica right away.  I felt like I got to know both characters pretty well, even though it was a fast read.  There was a lot of back story for both of them packed into the novella.  The "I love you'" did come a bit fast for me.  I was pleasantly surprised to see some real growth in Adam's character by the end.  That isn't always easy to achieve in a novella.

I highly recommend this one.  I am anxious to see how Jessica's decision in the end of Strange Tango plays out in the next book. The other novellas in the series, Twisted Taste and Wicked Stage are out now, so I'm on my way to hunt them down.  

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