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Blog Tour: Excerpt of One Tough Cowboy by Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick

AuthorsLora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Date of publication: January 2019

First in a brand-new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick about one man’s pursuit of justice—and unbridled desire. 


For as long as Samantha can remember, Hunter—a man as strong as steel, with a heart of gold—has been her hero. It came as no surprise to Samantha when she found out that the ranch-hardened cowboy who always protected her from bullies went on to become the town’s sheriff. What does surprise her is how incredibly hot he still is. And how much she still wants him…


And, lo and behold, Hunter still has feelings for Samantha. The long-smoldering heat of their innocent flirtation has grown into a full-raging fire. But when tragedy strikes, and their small-town community is shattered, Hunter vows to do everything he can to keep his childhood sweetheart safe. But can Samantha trust that Hunter has her best interests at heart…and that, after all these years, his love is true? 

Enjoy this excerpt:

He hadn’t changed much. He seemed bigger, his

shoulders broader. His signature thick, black hair was
cut in a shorter style. As he got closer, Samantha noticed
his face had changed quite a bit. Any boyish softness
he’d once had was all gone and had been replaced with
hard planes and angles, except for his full, well-defined
lips. There were fine laugh lines fanning out from the
corners of his steel gray eyes. Those eyes were more
intense, hard. The easy laughter that lit them when he
was younger seemed to be gone.

“Ms. Bell.” He nodded in greeting to the diminutive

“Good of you to come by, Sheriff. Little Samantha
is handlin’ all this by herself.” She winked and patted
his arm. “She could use a little help, I’m thinkin’.”
Samantha wanted to walk away. She also wanted to
throw her arms around Hunter and hold on for dear life.
Not just because he still made her heart pound, but
because he was a part of her life she thought she’d lost.
She wanted to hold on to a stable, warm part of her
past where she was happy and safe. Seeing him again
brought those memories and emotions all rushing back.
“Hey, Sam.” The smooth, deep bass of his voice was
quiet and soothing.

“Hey, Hunter.” His name left her lips with more com-
posure than she felt.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the funeral, but I
wanted to come by to extend my condolences, and to see
how you’re doin’.” He stepped closer and rubbed her bare
upper arm. “You holdin’ up okay?” His hand, a bit rough
and callused from real work, was warm, reassuring.
She crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m okay,
Hunter, thank you.” She cleared her throat. “Everyone
brought food. The dining room table is overflowing.
Help yourself.”

He followed her through the living room to the din-
ing room. She turned and almost jumped back. He was
standing inches away, looking down at her. His brows
furrowed, his gaze sharply assessing her. He smelled in-
credible, and he stood so close she could feel the heat
from his body.

She opened her mouth to say something but forgot
what she wanted to say. She must look completely
ignorant gaping up at him like that.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Sympathy and con-
cern shadowed his expression, softening the harsher
lines of his face.

“It’s been a long day. I’m fine, really.” She was a bas-
ket case, and not just because of her aunt’s death.

Hunter gave her a gentle smile and pulled out a chair.
“No doubt. Sit and talk to me for a while. I haven’t seen
you in what? Ten years?”

Samantha welcomed the chance to get off her feet
and get away from the crowd for a bit. “Yeah, about ten
years, I think.”

He pulled out the chair beside her, turned it toward
her, and sat, staring at her solemnly. “I’m real sorry
about Dottie.”

“Me too.” She looked into his eyes, assessing whether
she could or should continue. “I really didn’t get enough
time with her. I’ll always regret that.”


#1 New York Times bestseller Lora Leigh is the author of the Navy SEALS, the Breeds, the Elite Ops, the Callahans, the Bound Hearts, and the Nauti series.

Veronica Chadwick started storytelling when she was a little girl. She was first published in 2004. She lives in Tennessee with three cats, a very spoiled Shih Tzu and two grand dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s hanging out with friends, reading or badly playing video games.

Author website:
Author Twitter: @LoraLeigh_1

SMP Romance Twitter: @SMPRomance or @heroesnhearts

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