Friday, July 1, 2011

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

Author: Andrea Kane
Publisher: Mira (June 2011)

If she'd only turned her head, she would have seen the car containing her daughter, struggling to escape her kidnapper. Despite years determining the fates of families, family court judge Hope Willis couldn't save her own. Now she's grasping at any hope for Krissy's rescue. She calls Casey Woods and her team of investigators, Forensic Instincts.

A behaviorist. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A former Navy SEAL. Unconventional operatives. All with unique talents and reasons for joining Casey's group.

Able to accurately read people after the briefest encounter, Casey picks up signs of a nervous spouse, a guilty conscience, a nanny that hides on her cell. She watches as secrets creep into the open.

But time is running out, and the authorities are bound by the legal system. Not Casey's team. For they know that the difference between Krissy coming back alive and disappearing forever could be as small as a suspect's rapid breathing, or as deep as Hope's dark family history.

I have read a few other books by Andrea Kane. I really enjoy her writing style. The Girl Who Disappeared Twice was a pretty good book. The mystery was engaging and kept me on my toes. I was able to figure things out about two-thirds of the way through the book, but I didn't mind this time. The characters were interesting enough to keep me wanting to read more to see how it all played out.

It looks like Ms. Kane is setting up a new series with this one. At least I hope so, because I enjoyed all of the characters. I want to know more about the team and what makes them tick. I want more of Hutch and Casey together. It also looks like there could be potential for another romance among the team members. That could get very interesting. I definitely recommend this one!


* note: I read an complimentary copy of The Girl Who Disappeared Twice supplied courtesy of the publisher. I was not compensated in anyway for this review. By receiving a complimentary copy, I am in no way obligated to write a good or bad review. I am an honest reviewer and my reviews are based on my own opinion and only written by me.*

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