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Blog Tour: Review of Wildfire by Jo-Anne Joseph


Author: Jo-Anne Joseph
Release: November 24, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Fom USA Today bestselling author, Jo-Anne Joseph comes WILDFIRE a sizzling Contemporary Romance with all the feels.

Fighting fires is Aidan's life, whether he's putting out the embers his past left behind or surviving the blazes he faces every day.   Relationships are something he avoids, because a man who has lost everything will not walk that path again. 

Ocea has worked hard to put her life back together, so the last thing she wants is to feel attracted to the man with sad eyes and a broken spirit.  But they are drawn together like a moth to a flame.  Their connection, all consuming and out of control.

Will they survive the wildfire raging between them? 
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My thoughts:

   I did overall enjoy the romance between Aiden and Ocea.  I thought given time, they would be a great couple for each other.  Both of them had heartbreaking back stories and that similarity would only strengthen their bond in the long run. The biggest issue in the end was the length.  This is a novella length with a HFN ending.  I wanted more of them and would have loved a longer story with a HEA.  There are also some other characters I would love to read more about.  I do recommend this one. 

I do want to point out that Aiden does something during their first time in bed together that I was a bit taken aback with .  It comes down to a consent issue and I really wasn't OK with that.  I was sad to see it was never addressed.  

Author Bio:
Jo-Anne Joseph is a USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and psychological fiction. Along with a passion for writing, she is an avid reader, wine lover and foodie. Her lifelong love affair with words started at a young age. She's a business professional, and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband, their son and fur babies.
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Books I Did Not Finish - November Edition

: I think there is going to be a theme in my DNF post this month.  That is boredom.  This is the first book that I DNF'd this month.  I was so bored.  Normally, I like Robin Cook's books, but this one just went on and on and nothing happened.  I only lasted about 40% of the way in.  I also had to suspend too much disbelief.  I don't recommend it.

I Killed Zoe Spanos:  I had to laugh at the synopsis for this one.  It is supposed to be a "gripping" thriller.  It was anything but. gripping.  I was bored,(again).  I even started the audiobook a couple of times, but kept zoning out.  Maybe I just wasn't the target audience.

A Princess by Christmas:  This one made me kind of sad, because I really liked the first two books in this series.  I wanted to love Hollis's story.  I was so bored. I struggled to make it to 50%.  There was zero chemistry between Hollis and Marek.  I didn't care if they ended up together or not.  

Searching for Perfect:  I only made it to about 20% in the book.  I really disliked the way Kennedy treated Nate.  From the start she was annoying.  Why he would end up liking her was beyond me.  I may read the third one since I did like the first one.

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Blog Tour: Excerpt of Pretending by Holly Bourne


Holly Bourne
On Sale Date: November 17, 2020
9780778331506, 0778331504
Trade Paperback
$17.99 USD
416 pages
In this hilarious and heartbreaking debut novel perfect for fans of Fleabag, a woman struggling to move on after a traumatic relationship pretends to be “the perfect girl” in an act of vengeance that goes awry when she finds herself emotionally compromised.
He said he was looking for a 'partner in crime' which everyone knows is shorthand for 'a woman who isn't real'.
April is kind, pretty, and relatively normal - yet she can't seem to get past date five. Every time she thinks she's found someone to trust, they reveal themselves to be awful, leaving her heartbroken. And angry. Until she realizes that what men are really looking for is Gretel.
Gretel is perfect - beautiful but low maintenance, sweet but never clingy, sexy but not a slut. She's a Regular Everyday Manic Pixie Dream Girl Next Door With No Problems.
When April starts pretending to be Gretel, dating becomes much more fun - especially once she reels in the unsuspecting Joshua. Finally, April is the one in control, but can she control her own feelings? And as she and Joshua grow closer, how long will she be able to keep pretending?

Enjoy this excerpt:

I hate men.
There, I’ve said it. I know you’re not supposed to say it. We all pretend we don’t hate them; we all tell ourselves we don’t hate them. But I’m calling it. I’m standing here on this soapbox, and I’m saying it.
I. Hate. Men.
I mean, think about it. They’re just awful. I hate how selfish they are. How they take up so much space, assuming it’s always theirs to take. How they spread out their legs on public transport, like their balls need regular airing to stop them developing damp. I hate how they basically scent mark anywhere they enter to make it work for them. Putting on the music they want to listen to the moment they arrive at any house party, and always taking the nicest chair. How they touch your stuff instead of just looking; even tweak the furniture arrangement to make it most comfortable for them. All without asking first—never asking first.
I hate how they think their interests are more important than yours—even though twice a week all most of them do is watch a bunch of strangers kick a circle around a piece of lawn and sulk if the circle doesn’t go in the right place. And how bored they look if you ever try to introduce them to a film, a band, or even a freaking YouTube clip, before you’ve even pressed Play.
I hate their endless arrogance. I hate how they interrupt you and then apologize for it but carry on talking anyway. How they ask you a question but then check your answer afterward. I hate how they can never do one piece of housework without telling you about it. I hate how they literally cannot handle being driven in a car by a woman, even if they’re terrible drivers themselves. I hate how they all think they’re fucking incredible at grilling meat on barbecues. The sun comes out and man must light fire and not let woman anywhere near the meat. Dumping blackened bits of chicken onto our plates along with the whiff of a burp from their beer breath, acting all caveman, like we’re supposed to find it cute that we may now get salmonella and that we’re going to have to do all the washing up.
I hate how I’m quite scared of them. I hate the collective noise of them when they’re in a big group. The tribal wahey-ing, like they all swap their IQs for extra testosterone when they swarm together. How, if you’re sitting alone on an empty train, they always come and deliberately sit next to you en masse, and talk extra loudly about macho nonsense, apparently to impress you. I hate the way they look at you when you walk past—automatically judging your screwability the moment they see you. Telling you to smile if you dare look anything other than delighted about living with stuff like this constantly fucking happening to you. 
I hate how hard they are to love. How many of them actually, truly, think the way to your heart is sending you a selfie of them tugging themselves, hairy ball sack very much still in shot. I hate how they have sex. How they shove their fingers into you, thinking it’s going to achieve anything. Jabbing their unwashed hands into your dry vagina, prodding about like they’re checking for prostate cancer, then wondering why you now have BV and you still haven’t come. Have none of them read a sex manual? Seriously? None of them? And I hate how they hate you a little just after they’ve finished. How even the nice ones lie there with cold eyes, pretending to cuddle, but clearly desperate to get as far away from you as possible.
I hate how it’s never equal. How they expect you to do all the emotional labor and then get upset when you’re the more stressed-out one. I hate how they never understand you, no matter how hard they try, although, let’s be honest here, they never actually try that hard. And I hate how you’re always exhausting yourself trying to explain even the most basic of your rational emotional responses to their bored face.
I hate how every single last one of them has issues with their father.
And do you know what I hate most of all?
That despite this, despite all this disdain, I still fancy men. And I still want them to fancy me, to want me, to love me. I hate myself for how much I want them. Why do I still fancy men so much? What’s wrong with me? Why are they all so broken? Am I broken for still wanting to be with one, even after everything? I should be alone. That’s the only healthy way to be. BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE. I hate men, that’s the problem. GOD I HATE THEM SO MUCH—they’re so entitled and broken and lazy and wrong and…and…
Hang on…
My phone.
Never mind.
Forget I said anything. It’s all good.

Holly Bourne is a bestselling UK-based YA and Adult Fiction author and is an Ambassador for Women’s Aid. In 2019, she was an Author of the Day at the London Book Fair, and was named by Elle Magazine’s weekly podcast as one of “Six Female Authors Changing the Conversation in 2019”. Pretending is her US debut.

Author website:
Twitter: @holly_bourneYA
Instagram: @hollybourneya
Facebook: @Holly.BourneYA

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November Mini Musings

Class Reunions are Deadly:  This was a cute and funny cozy mystery.  I really liked Poppy's character.  The mystery was engaging and not easy to solve.  It looks like there may be a set up for a love triangle.  I'm  kind of hoping it doesn't last too long into the series.  I do want to continue, however, I'm not a fan of the "who will she pick?" trope that lasts for books and books.  I do recommend this one.

Guest List:  This one took me a couple of tries before I ended up finishing the book.  In the end, I'm not sure I can say I really enjoyed the book.  None of the characters were very likable.  IT took forever to find out who even died.  I didn't care for the ending. I'm not sure I would recommend this one.

Fractured Tide: I did enjoy this YA Sci-fi/horror story.  I thought it was a unique premise. Sia tells her story through letters to her father. It did remind me of Lost.  The underwater scenes felt really claustrophobic.  The island was creepy.  I thought the author did a great job of creating a mysterious atmosphere.   I was engaged through to the end.  I highly recommend this one.

The Girls Weekend:  I found myself largely disappointed in this one.  It wasn't thrilling and the ending was kind of easy to figure out.  I found that some things that happened in the book made me have to suspend disbelief.  There is no way the characters would get away with come of the things they got away with.  It wasn't bad, it was just OK.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving Day here in the USA.  

We are so thankful for our followers.  We are also thankful for the amazing authors who feed our TBR piles all year long.  

May you and yours have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day!

Love, Kari & Autumn

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Spotlight: Dance: Cinderella Retold by Demelza Carlton


: Demelza Carlton
Narrator: Mary Sarah
Length: 4 hours
Publisher: Tantor2018
Genre: Fantasy; Romance
Series: Romance a Medieval Fairytale, Book 2
Release date:  May 8, 2018

Synopsis: A dutiful daughter. A prince forced to find a bride. If the shoe fits...Once upon a time...
When the Emperor's army comes recruiting, Mai signs up, seeing it as the perfect escape from her stepmother and a lifetime of drudgery. Armed with her mother's armor and a pair of magic shoes, Mai marches off to war...only to find herself sharing a tent with the General's arrogant nephew, Prince Yi.
The best swordsman in the Empire, Prince Yi wants to make war, not love, but the Emperor insists this will be Yi's last campaign before he must marry. Prince Yi has never met his match...until now.

Can one woman win the war and the prince's heart?

Buy Links

About the Author: Demelza Carlton

USA Today bestselling author Demelza Carlton has always loved the ocean, but on her first snorkelling trip she found she was afraid of fish.She has since swum with sea lions, sharks and sea cucumbers and stood on spray-drenched cliffs over a seething sea as a seven-metre cyclonic swell surged in, shattering a shipwreck below.  Sensationalist spin? No - Demelza tends to take a camera with her so she can capture and share the moment later; shipwrecks, sharks and all.

Demelza now lives in Perth, Western Australia, the shark attack capital of the world.

About the Narrator: Mary Sarah

Voice Arts Award Nominee, Mary Sarah has garnered attention for her powerfully evocative, multi-character work which spans time and place.

With a penchant for dialects and love of culture, Sarah has spanned the globe working with rich characters set across genres of the classics, historical fiction, medieval romance, poetry, fantasy, non-fiction and children’s literature. Relz Reviewz states in reference to Tamara Leigh’s ‘The Unveiling,“ her mellifluous tones, superb voicing of emotions in dialogue and varied and accurate accents of both male and female make her a pure joy to listen to,” while her narration of “A Lady in the Smoke,” was cited as, “masterly!”

Classically trained at The Riverside Shakespeare Academy and The Royal Shakespeare Company, Sarah loves to get to the heart of words in order to release their power and finds great comfort in the beauty of stories to transform and speak to us.! Sarah loves the power of story telling to awaken our hearts.

Says author Claudy Conn (Lady X), “Her acting is simply sublime.”

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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of Second Start by S.E. Rose


Career failures bring both Brittany and Tyson back to Holiday Springs but second starts aren’t easy and broken dreams threaten futures. Will a former Olympic athlete and budding musician get a second chance at their happily ever after? Readers will fall in love with this second chance romance from S.E. Rose. The Holiday Springs Resort series is here and SECOND START is now live!
Will a former Olympic athlete and budding musician get a second chance at their happily ever after?
Brittany Evans and Tyson Mitchell were the “it” couple in the Poconos. Until their own dreams and goals got in the way. With broken hearts, they both left their town while doing their best to never look back.
But, when a skiing injury and a failed singing career bring them both back home, they find that their feelings may not have iced over after all.
Fate has brought them together again, but if Tyson wants to win back Brittany’s heart, he’ll have to prove that she’s the only dream that matters.
Escape to the romantic paradise of Holiday Springs and warm-up with your next happily ever after.

My thoughts:

Second Start is book five in the  Holiday Springs Resort series.  It's among my favorites from the series. I am a sucker for second chance romances.  I thoughts Britany and Tyson were so cute together.  I loved how Tyson was all in when it came to trying again.  It's a quick enjoyable romance with a sweet ending.  I highly recommend it.

Copyright S.E. Rose 2020
“I’m sorry,” I whisper, and her eyes meet mine.
“W-What? Why?” Her eyes flash with more confusion.
I reach out and caress her face with my gloved hand, wishing I could feel her skin beneath mine. “I’m sorry for hurting you, Superstar.”
Her eyes glance back down at her lap. “It was a long time ago, Ty.”
I push under her chin, and she gazes at me again. “I’m sorry. I was young and stupid. I thought I was protecting you.”
She pulls back. “Protecting me from what?”
I sigh. “From me, from having to have a boyfriend that was never here, that was always busy.”
“But all I wanted was you,” she states bitterly.
“And I wasn’t here for you. No one could’ve had me. I was too... too busy and wrapped up in my Olympic dreams.”
She turns and zips up her bag. “I would have waited,” she murmurs as she stands up to leave.
I jump up and block her path. “I know you would have. But I couldn’t ask you to do that. You have dreams, too.”
“But you never gave me the choice to decide for myself,” she says and jams a finger at my chest. “You decided for both of us.”
“I did. And I can’t take it back, but if I could, I would,” I reply as I grab her head in my hands and kiss her.
She doesn’t move as I press my lips to hers. They warm under mine, and after a second she sighs, allowing my tongue free reign of her mouth. I taste her for the first time in way too long. And she tastes just as sweet as I remembered.
She drops her guitar case in the snow, letting her arms wrap around my middle as my hands hold her face. I don’t feel anything except her, not the snow, the cold, the wind, nothing but Brittany. Our warm breaths mingle in the cool air, surrounding us in our own personal cloud. I groan as I deepen our kiss.
She pulls back suddenly. Her hand flying to her lips.
“I’m sorry. I... shit, I’m sorry.” She has a look of anguish on her face.
“Brit, I kissed you. There’s nothing to be sorry about. When are we going to stop dancing around this thing,” I motion between us, “that’s clearly still between us?”
She shakes her head. “No. There’s nothing between us. That’s over. It ended when you walked out of my life.” I watch as a single tear falls on her cheek, and it might as well be a knife plunging into my heart.
I reach out to pull her back to me, but she jumps away.
“No. We can’t do this. I can’t do this. Not again.”
And it hits me. She’s protecting herself. I hurt her so badly that she reacts to me like a hand touching a hot pan. I can’t blame her.
“Brit, I won’t hurt you. I never met to hurt you.”
“I know,” she answers as another tear falls on her cheek. “But you did.”

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited
About S.E. Rose
USA Today & International Bestselling romance author, S.E. Rose lives near Washington D.C. with her family. When she's not wrangling her cats or keeping up with her kids, she's plotting her next story.
She loves all things wine, coffee, and cats. In her non-existent free time, she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, binging on her favorite shows, and reading, especially if it's a good mystery or comedy.
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Blog Tour: Review of The Feast and Other Horrifying Tales by David Vorhees


Author: David Vorhees
Publisher:  Amazon
Publication Date: August 31, 2019
Category: Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Supernatural I
SBN: 978-1670514585 Available in Print and ebook, 209 pages 

A collection of short stories that take place on different holidays over the course of the year. The collection opens with “A New Year, a New Day, a New Life.” Grant Curtis is arrested on New Year’s Day and charged with the murder of his wife Carla. In “Easter: The Resurrection,” a resurrected Kyle Gardner seeks vengeance on Pastor Brian. “The Vengeance of Cassidy Clay” is a narrative poem that takes place on Halloween. The poem tells the story of a slave-hunter who haunts the woods long after his death and many more spine chilling tales.

Buy Links:

Amazon BarnesandNoble Indiebound

My thoughts:

The Feast is a collection of short horror stories. Each one follows a theme for a certain holiday.  The collection opens strong with a "Tell-Tale Heart-esque" story that takes place on New Year's Day.  After reading that one, I knew I was going to like the rest of the collection.  My favorite was the Easter one as it was kind of more of a mystery and scavenger hunt with cryptic clues.  The most gruesome had to be The Feast.  I was able to read this in one sitting.  There is something for everyone in here.  Fans of macabre and gruesome horror will really enjoy this collection.

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About the author:

David Vorhees joined the U.S. Navy after graduating Lima Central Catholic. Following his military service, he attended the University of Northwestern Ohio for Automotive business. He worked various factory jobs and attended the University of Phoenix online for a degree in arts with a focus in journalism. He recently worked for the Wapakoneta Daily News as a reporter/photographer/paginator. He is the father of five and grandfather of five. He has always been interested in the occult and the scarier side of life. He loves history and the supernatural and truly believes there is nothing better than a good story. 

Twitter  Instagram 

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Review: His & Hers by Alice Feeney

Author: Alice Feeney
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Publication Date: July 2020

Anna Andrews finally has what she wants. Almost. She’s worked hard to become the main TV presenter of the BBC’s lunchtime news, putting work before friends, family, and her now ex-husband. So, when someone threatens to take her dream job away, she’ll do almost anything to keep it.

When asked to cover a murder in Blackdown―the sleepy countryside village where she grew up―Anna is reluctant to go. But when the victim turns out to be one of her childhood friends, she can’t leave. It soon becomes clear that Anna isn’t just covering the story, she’s at the heart of it.

DCI Jack Harper left London for a reason, but never thought he’d end up working in a place like Blackdown. When the body of a young woman is discovered, Jack decides not to tell anyone that he knew the victim, until he begins to realise he is a suspect in his own murder investigation.

One of them knows more than they are letting on. Someone isn’t telling the truth. Alternating between Anna's and Jack's points of view, His & Hers is a fast-paced, complex, and dark puzzle that will keep readers guessing until the very end 

His & Hers is easily going to make my top 10 list for 2020..  It's one of the best thrillers that I have read in a long time.  I will admit to it being a tad bit slow n the beginning, but that didn't last too long.  The story is told trough three perspectives, Anna, Jack and the killer.  When Anna loses her anchor position at her news station, she is assigned to investigate a murder in her hometown.  Jack is the detective assigned to the case.  It quickly becomes clear that both might know more than they are letting on.

There are so many twists in this book and it kept me on my toes throughout.  I was so far off base with my assumptions at the end.  I don't think most people will see the ending coming.  I liked the use of unreliable narrators and the three perspectives.  The plot was well paced with just the right amount of information being released at the right time.   I think it's best to go into this book not knowing a whole lot about the plot.  It will make the reveals that much more surprising.  If you have been hunting for an engaging and well thought out thriller, then this one is for you.

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Spotlight: Excerpt of Ride the Tide by Julie Ann Walker

Author: Julie Ann Walker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: 11/24/2020
Once a fighter, always a fighter...
Former Navy SEAL Mason McCarthy is done being a fighting man. Now he and the Deep Six Salvage crew are working feverishly to find the wreck of the Santa Cristina and its legendary sunken treasure. Unfortunately for Mason’s peace of mind, chatty, brilliant historian Alexandra Merriweather has joined the hunt and there’s no avoiding her. Alex is exactly the kind of distraction Mason can’t afford right now…or maybe ever.
When a murderous enemy from Mason’s past threatens the Deep Six, he must rely on old instincts and the skills he honed from years of running black ops to make sure nothing touches Alexandra. But with their lives on the line and the adrenaline running high, it’s inevitable that sparks will fly.

Mason “Monet” McCarthy had a problem. 
She was five feet tall. Had curly red hair that was only fifty percent tamed under the best of conditions, and one hundred percent out of control this early in the morning. And she was sitting at a table by the window watching the multicolored ships of the shrimp fleet as they rocked precariously with the wave action out near the horizon while her fingers absently fiddled with the corner of a book. 
Oh, and she was also studiously ignoring him. 
She was wicked good at that last part. Was making a frickin’ hobby of it, as a matter of fact. Not that he could blame her, considering what she’d offered him. 
And what he’d turned down. 
Her name was Alexandra Merriweather. Alex for short, which was a ridiculously masculine moniker for such a tiny wisp of a woman. One with skin like porcelain, eyes the color of Colombian emeralds, and a laugh as sweet and tinkling as a music box. 
She was his problem because…well…he liked her. Like, liked her liked her. And if his cheating ho of a wife… Scratch that. Rewind… That would be his cheating ho of an ex-wife—had taught him anything, it was that he wasn’t fit to like a woman like Alex. 
Not anymore. 
All the years schlepping his ass through countless missions, maiming and killing in the name of the flag, had turned him into something…not normal. 
That was the phrase Sarah had used when he came home early to surprise her for her birthday, but instead found her screwing his ex-best friend in their marriage bed. Surprise! 
“What d’you expect, Mason?” Sarah’s expression had been so sincere. “You’re gone all the time, and when you’re here, you’re not normal.” 
Copy that. When it came to a life of violence, the effects were biological, physiological, and psychological. It was the price of being a warrior. 
So even though he’d been heartbroken by her betrayal, he’d never worked up much anger over it. Then and now, there was no way to deny the truth. Mason McCarthy was no longer capable of living an ordinary life with the house, the wife, and the two-point-three kids. 
The only reason he was sitting in this hotel bar now, a bona fide civilian, was because of a deathbed promise he and the rest of his teammates had made to Rusty Lawrence, the eighth man in their SEAL unit. Barring that, Mason figured he would’ve kept on running and gunning until he found the bullet with his name on it. 
With a fingertip, he traced the scrolling black letters inked on the inside of his left forearm. For RL they read. Picturing Rusty’s craggy face, he tried to determine whether to curse the sorry sonofabitch or thank him for forcing them all to make that vow and wave their fond farewells to the navy. 
A call of “G’morning, asshole!” cut into his thoughts. Turning, he found Ray “Wolf” Roanhorse standing behind him. 
Since he’d yet to determine how good the morning was or wasn’t, Mason grunted his reply. Wolf, used to Mason’s wordless responses, bent to scratch Meat’s exposed belly. 
The fat English bulldog slept on his back beside Mason’s barstool, dick and balls on display for the entire breakfast crowd, and his snores nearly drowning out the cries of the seagulls coming in through the hotel’s open windows. 
Meat was the only thing Mason had taken from the divorce. He’d let Sarah have their restored three-decker in Southie, along with the furniture and all the minutia that went with a “normal” life. But Meat? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but he’d have crossed hell with nothing but a bucket of ice water before he’d let her keep his dog. 
“A wise woman once said, ‘If you risk nothin’, you risk everythin’.’” With the unaffected ease that came with being supremely fit, Wolf settled himself onto the barstool next to Mason’s. 
The two of them had become instant friends when they’d been teamed up as swim partners way back in BUD/S—Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL—training. And through all the intervening years, Wolf had never run out of inspirational quotes. He fancied himself a scholar of the world’s philosophers and religions. 
There were times, including this one, when that could get damned annoying. 
Instead of answering, Mason kept quiet. He hoped his silence conveyed his wish for more coffee and less talk. 
“I said,” Wolf said louder, “a wise woman once—” 
“First off,” Mason muttered irritably, “what part of this face”—he pointed to his scowling mug—“makes you think I’m in the mood for morning convo?” 
“You’re never in the mood for conversation,” Wolf drawled, his Oklahoma accent making the words sound twice as long as they normally would. “Don’t matter what time of day it is.” 
“Second off,” Mason went on as if Wolf hadn’t spoken, “what’s that supposed to mean anyway? If you risk nothing, you risk everything?” 
“It means you should pull your head from your ass and go for it. Take her up on what she’s offerin’.” Wolf stuck a cocktail straw between his teeth and hailed the bartender to put in an order for a Bloody Mary. Hitching his chin toward Alex’s table, he added, “Come on, man. You know you want to.” 
Mason hadn’t been kidding when he said he wasn’t in the mood to talk. But he sure as shit wasn’t in the mood to talk about Alex and her heart-stopping offer. 
Excerpted from Ride the Tide by Julie Ann Walker. © 2020 by Julie Ann Walker. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.


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About the author:
Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Black Knights Inc. and the Deep Six romantic suspense series’. She has won or been nominated for numerous awards including a Top Ten Romance by Booklist and a Best Summer Read by Publishers Weekly. She lives in Chicago, IL.

 Author Website:

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Blog Tour: Review of A Snowflake Christmas by Vickey Wollan

Author: Vickey Wollan
Release: August 7, 2020
Genre: Christmas Contemporary Romance
It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but … Dr. Alan Garcia uproots his practice in Miami to Snowflake, Montana, hoping to escape career-ending false-accusations and find a fresh start in the small mountain town. Alan isn’t looking for love, but when Rachel Welch brings her nephew in for an office visit, her neighborly generosity and family-first philosophy moves his heart like no woman he’s previously known.
Rachel Welch, a native of Snowflake, has suffered from PTSD ever since the car accident that seriously injured her parents. Dr. Garcia is her best hope to find relief from panic attacks, but one look into his dark eyes and Rachel knows that a doctor-patient dynamic is far from the relationship she wants.
With Christmas right around the corner, maybe Rachel and Alan’s snowballing romance will survive Alan’s pride, Rachel’s fears, and Snowflake’s rumors. That is – if spending time together outside of the office doesn’t get them both fired first.
Buy Links:
My thoughts:

A Snowflake Christmas is a sweet, clean small town romance.  It involves Rachel and Alan who are forbidden from dating by the town council if they are going to work together at the clinic.  It's also a slow burn romance.  For the most part, I enjoyed this romance.  I thought Alan and Rachel were a cute couple.  It was a little frustrating that they had to keep fighting their feelings. But the pay-off in the end was worth it. The best parts of this book were the quirky characters from the town.  They make me want to visit.  If you are looking for a cute holiday romance, give this one a try.

Author Bio:

Vickey Wollan caught the writing bug in elementary school, and her thirst for reading novels started in junior high. Although her career included journalistic and public relations writing, she recently jumped with both feet into writing romance stories.
She writes heartwarming, sweet, contemporary romances that tickle the funny-bone and wrap up with an always satisfying happily ever after.
Vickey lives in Central Florida, but her travels inspire her stories. She likes the outdoors and sports so she creates heroines who are strong and multi-talented, but are still attracted to sexy modern men who appreciate the love of a capable woman.
With a background in wellness, she allows her creativity to emerge during a good workout. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking through the beauty of nature, or chilling-out with her husband.
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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of Stuck with You by Moni Boyce


Author: Moni Boyce
Release Date: 11/13/2020
Series: Holiday Springs Resort, #4
Tropes/Genres: Enemies to Lovers, Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance
Can enemies turn into lovers over the course of a week?
When I decided to attend my high school reunion, I knew I’d run the risk of running into
Jack Carter. Mr. Big Time Country Music Star. The same guy that broke my heart in
high school. What I didn’t expect was that the resort would mess up our reservations,
and we’d end up roommates.
Now I’m stuck sharing a cabin with him for the next week, and I don’t know whether I
want to kill him or kiss him.
What are the odds I would end up sharing a cabin with my ex-high school sweetheart,
Maddie Grace? The woman was a sweet tomboy back then, now she’s a knockout,
uptight lawyer, who loves to argue. Even though we fight like cats and dogs, I’m feeling
that familiar old spark and the more time I spend with her, the more I’m beginning to
think letting her go was my biggest mistake.
Thanks to a little mix-up at the resort, I’ve now got a week to prove to her that we belong
together and you can bet I’m going to give it my best shot.
Escape to the romantic paradise of Holiday Springs and warm up with your
next happily ever after.

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My thoughts:

Stuck with You is the latest book in the Holiday Springs Resort series.  I thought this was an overall sweet second chance romance.  One of the things I always enjoy about this trope is that the characters have had time to mature and change before they get back together.  It's usually youth and immaturity that breaks them up in the first place.  I had bought into both of them growing up until the big conflict.  Maddie's reaction was way over the top and just didn't fit with how the rest of the story had been going.  I didn't care for it.  The reconciliation was super cute, but the need for it could have been avoided had she just listened.  Despite that the rest of the story was enjoyable and worth checking out.

Enjoy this excerpt:

Copyright Moni Boyce 2020

To my surprise, Jack walked into the kitchen with a towel slung low on his hips and opened up the refrigerator. Leaning on the door, he peered inside. I was trying to keep my gaze on the documents in front of me, but I kept looking up to check out his ass in that towel. Part of me kept hoping it would accidentally fall off. Of course, now I found myself pissed off that, once again, I was having impure thoughts about Jack. I slammed my pen onto the table. “Why are you practically naked?”

                Slowly, he closed the refrigerator door and turned to address me.

                Damn. Maybe I should have kept quiet. All his sexy goodness was on display for me to see. For a millisecond, I faltered and nearly forgot why I was upset.

                “You’re not the only one here, you know. We have to share this place…” My tongue darted out and licked my suddenly dry bottom lip. Was his chest and six-pack abs glistening in the light coming from the window, or was I imagining things? Stop. “You can’t just walk around here half dressed. What if someone showed up?”

                “Are you expecting someone?” He wore an amused expression while he asked the question.

                I crossed my arms over my chest. “No… but that doesn’t matter. Put on a shirt.” Why was he so infuriating?

                “How would you like it if I pranced around here in my bra…” That had been the wrong thing to say.  “Or panties… or nothing at all.” I lost steam when I realized the picture I was painting. Being pissed and horny clearly was a bad combination. I wasn’t thinking right.

                “I don’t see a problem.” He gave me a lecherous grin that exposed his teeth and revealed his want.

                “Just have some consideration and stop being selfish.” I hurled at him.

That order quickly erased any goodwill he was feeling towards me. His look was thunderous.

                “I’m getting real tired of you making me out to be the bad guy here.” He gripped the back of one of the kitchen chairs until his knuckles turned white.

“You’re asking me to have some consideration?”

The incredulous scowl he wore caused his eyebrows to rise to his hairline. “You’re right, Maddie. We are sharing this house. You’d do well to remember that when you crank the heat up to freaking eighty degrees. How about that for consideration? Not all of us want to walk around in a sauna.”

He threw his hands up. “It’s so damn hot in here, what am I supposed to wear? I’ll sweat to death. So unless you’re going to compromise on the temperature I’m going to wear whatever I damn well please around here, even if that means I walk around here naked.”

I swallowed at the thought of him walking around the cabin naked. Other parts of my anatomy that I didn’t care to acknowledge quivered at the thought. Angrily, I stood. “Don’t threaten me. It always has to be your way.”

Before I knew it, we were yelling over top of each other, trying to be heard. A few minutes later, Jack put his thumb and forefinger in his mouth and whistled, bringing the yelling match to its end. I was so agitated my breathing was erratic. Seconds passed, where we stood glowering at each other like two junkyard dogs that had squared off, but there wasn’t a victor.

Jack’s shoulders slumped and the fight drained away in front of my eyes. He stared at me, but no longer was his look filled with outrage.

“It’s been ten years, Maddie. You gonna stay mad at me forever?” His voice was weary, tired, and bordered on sad.


Moni Boyce is a writer, filmmaker, poet and Award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance. After working in the film industry for fifteen years, helping others bring their visions to life, she now creates characters and worlds of her own. She considers herself a bookworm, film buff, foodie, music lover and an avid world traveler having visited 33 countries and counting. She lives a bit of a nomadic life, but considers Los Angeles her hometown.
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