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Blog Tour: Review of Make Me Fall by Ember Leigh

Author: Ember Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: September 2019

There’s one rule in my family.

Stay away from the Daly brothers.

We were raised to know them as users. Manipulators. But I only ever saw Connor as the enigmatic senior hottie who dropped into fifth period to teach us about the perils of drunk driving.

So when my first big girl job out of college ends up with us working at the same company, it’s heart throb city all over again. Except he’s way ahead of the game. Successful, talented, put together. I’m just a frumpy twenty-something in a quarter life crisis who doesn’t know a glue stick from a makeup highlighter.

He would never want me, even though he’s all I ever wanted in secret. So when we cross paths one night at the bar and one drink leads to another, he slaps me with an offer I can’t refuse.

Accompany him back to Bayshore, flight included.

Only stipulation? Pose as his girlfriend.

Our families will flip, but I’m not strong enough to say no to those baby blues, especially if it means I’ll have a chance to spend the next two weeks with my adolescent heart throb.

My thoughts:

Make Me Fall is the second book in the Bayshore series.  This is Connor and Kinsley's story.  While I didn't love it as much as the first book, Make Me Lose, I still enjoyed it for the most part.  The story actually takes place at the same time as the events in the fist book.  However, you don't need to have read the first one to read this one.  It works well as a stand alone.

What I loved about the book was Kinsley.  I loved her growth and how her confidence slowly grew over the story.  She really saved the story for me. I had a harder time liking Connor.  He was a major douchebag throughout most of the book.  I disliked how he kept making comments on how she dressed.  I also thought she forgave him way too quickly.  I'm not sure I would be able to trust him as much after his behavior.  I just didn't overall love them as a couple.  I didn't feel like they had much in common except in the bedroom.  That being said, he did score major points in the end.    One thing I do wish was that we got the other side of the Daly/Cabana dispute.  We only got the Cabana side.  Now I want to hear the Daly side.  I'm sure the truth falls somewhere in the middle.

I'm not sure which brother is next in line.  I suspect it's Dominic.  I look forward to reading it.

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DNF'd Books of September

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days: I'll be honest, I was blind-sided by the prologue in this book.  One thing that I don't enjoy is reading about a rape as it happens on the page.  It doesn't help get me interested in reading the romance that will follow.  I'm not usually one to say there should be trigger warnings, but this one needed it.  I had no interest in continuing after that scene.

Turn of the Key:  This book has been really hyped all over the Internet.  For it's it's just another book by this author that I DNF'd . I have to finally admit defeat.  I just don't get along with her writing.  I was really bored. I didn't care for the characters.  The parents were unrealistic.  I didn't care to find out what happened in the end.

Mr. Right-Swipe:  This book features one of the most unlikeable main characters I have ever read.  I knew within the first chapter that I was going to hate her.  She is on a blind date and it a major bitch from the beginning.  I gave up after that first scene.  No wonder she hasn't found a husband.

Three Weeks with Lady X:  The synopsis of this book didn't prepare me for  the actual premise of book.  I stopped halfway through.  I was really turned off by hero pursuing the heroine on the side while wooing another girl because she is better suited to be a duchess.  Then trying to pawn the heroine off on his best friend.  Gross.

Temper:  I'm tired of trying to wade through books with really unlikable characters.  I decided at about 30%, i didn't want to read about any of these people any more.  None of them were remotely believable or interesting. 

Wild Bird:  I thought this would be a good coming of age YA.  However, I found it very unrealistic.  I didn't buy Wren's issues.  She came across as more of an ungrateful brat who needed some good discipline that she clearly wasn't getting from her parents.  Compared to the other girls' issues, hers was laughable.  I wouldn't recommend this one.

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September Mini Musings

Fear the Darkness:  I really enjoyed this second book in the Brigid Quinn series.  The mystery was solid and one that kept me guessing.  I was surprised by the twist in the end. The characters were a lot of fun, especially Brigid's niece.    I sill love Brigid as a main character and can't wait to read more about her.

Saint's Gate:  This  has been on my TBR for a long time.  I'm slowly getting these books off my pile.Reading this book reminded me why I love this author's books.  I love how she weaves the history of her settings into her stories.  This one is the first in a series that introduces Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan. There are 9 books out, so I have some catching up to do.  The mystery was good and I loved the romance.

A Twist of the Knife: This was another really good addition to the Brigid Quinn series.  The mystery kept me guessing.  It comes full circle in a sense because characters from the first book show up here and feature in the mystery. This is a fun series and one I highly recommend.

Shadows of the Past: When I finished this book, I just kind of felt...meh.  The mystery was OK  and kept my interest enough to finish it.  It wasn't thrilling or exciting.  I didn't care fore the romance.  The angst was dumb and unnecessary. It's a clean romance with some God reference sprinkled in.  Those felt out of place like they were thrown in just to make it a 'Christian" romance..  I may pick up  the next one if I can find it on audio.

The Girl I Used to Be:  This is a quick YA mystery.  It fairly short and I enjoyed it for the most part.  I liked the main character.  The twist was actually a surprise. I think lovers of YA mysteries will enjoy this one.  It's worth giving it a try.

In the Eye of the Storm:  If you are a fan of books where the boss and his assistant fall for each other, you will enjoy this one.  I loved the main characters.  They had great chemistry and I was rooting for them.  It's definitely worth a read.

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Review: The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud

Author: Jonathan Stroud
Publisher:Disney Hyperion
Date of publication: 

In the six months since Anthony, Lucy, and George survived a night in the most haunted house in England, Lockwood & Co. hasn't made much progress. Quill Kipps and his team of Fittes agents keep swooping in on Lockwood's investigations. Finally, in a fit of anger, Anthony challenges his rival to a contest: the next time the two agencies compete on a job, the losing side will have to admit defeat in the Times newspaper.

Things look up when a new client, Mr. Saunders, hires Lockwood & Co. to be present at the excavation of Edmund Bickerstaff, a Victorian doctor who reportedly tried to communicate with the dead. Saunders needs the coffin sealed with silver to prevent any supernatural trouble. All goes well-until George's curiosity attracts a horrible phantom.

Back home at Portland Row, Lockwood accuses George of making too many careless mistakes. Lucy is distracted by urgent whispers coming from the skull in the ghost jar. Then the team is summoned to DEPRAC headquarters. Kipps is there too, much to Lockwood's annoyance. Bickerstaff's coffin was raided and a strange glass object buried with the corpse has vanished. Inspector Barnes believes the relic to be highly dangerous, and he wants it found.

The Whispering Skull is the follow up to the Screaming Staircase.  IT picks up about 6 months after the first book.  This time around, the team are paired up with another agency to find a dangerous haunted object.  The two teams are rivals and of course chaos and danger lurks around every corner. 

 I have to admit that I didn't love this one as much as the first book. For me the pacing wasn't as consistent. It was really dragged in parts.  I had no problem stopping the audiobook for long stretches of time.  It did pick up in the last third of the book though.  The strength of the story is it's spooky setting.  The author does a great job of setting the tone and making the reader feel like they are ghost hunting along with the team.  I also enjoyed getting to know George a bit more.  He plays a larger role in the mystery than he did in the first book.  Lucy is beginning to really hone her skill for speaking to the dead. 

We do learn a bit more about the Fittes agency and some secrets are revealed. The book also ends on a cliffhanger with a reveal about the mysterious locked room in Lockwood's house.  Despite its slow pace, I still did enjoy it.  I definitely recommend this series to lovers of middle grade paranormal.

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Blog Tour: Review of Wrapped Up in You by Jill Shalvis

Author: Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Avon
Date of publication: September 2019

It’s love. Trust me.

After a lifetime on the move, Ivy Snow is an expert in all things temporary—schools, friends, and way too many Mr. Wrongs. Now that she owns a successful taco truck in San Francisco and an apartment to call home, Ivy’s reinvented life is on solid ground. And she’s guarded against anything that can rock it. Like the realities of a past she’s worked hard to cover up. And especially Kel O’Donnell. Too hot not to set off alarms, he screams temporary. If only his whispers weren’t so delightfully naughty and irresistible.

Kel, an Idaho sheriff and ranch owner, is on vacay, but Ivy’s a spicy reason to give his short-terms plans a second thought. Best of all, she’s a tonic for his untrusting heart, burned once and still in repair. But when Ivy’s past intrudes on a perfect romance, Kel fears that everything she’s told him has been a perfect lie. Now, if only Ivy’s willing to share, Kel will fight for a true love story.

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Wrapped Up in You is the 8th book in the Heartbreaker Bay series.  This one is Ivy and Kel's story.  It can definitely be read as a stand alone book.  a few of the characters from earlier books show up here, but it isn't essential to have read their stories first.  I thought this was a fairly solid addition to the series.

What really made the book for me was Kel.  He was such a nice guy and I loved how he kept being there for Ivy, even thought they both had trust issues.  I really sympathized with him and his issues with his mother.  I could totally understand why he felt the way he did and how he was reluctant to forgive.   Ivy I had to warm up to before I liked her.  I think it's because I felt like her "struggle" storyline was too close to Sadie's.  I didn't find much unique about her other than her loser brother.  Having said that, I did like the chemistry between the two of them.  I did find myself rooting for them as a couple.  I also appreciated the epilogue in the end.   

I'm not sure if this is the end to the series, or if it will continue on.  It is one I highly recommend though.  The series is full of great characters and lots of humor and sexy times.


Author Info

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis writes warm, funny, sexy contemporary romances and women’s fiction. An Amazon, BN & iBooks bestseller, she’s also a two-time RITA winner and has more than 10 million copies of her books sold worldwide.

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Review: The Girl in Red by Christina Henry

by:  Christina Henry
published by:  Berkley
publish date:  June 18, 2019

It's not safe for anyone alone in the woods. There are predators that come out at night: critters and coyotes, snakes and wolves. But the woman in the red jacket has no choice. Not since the Crisis came, decimated the population, and sent those who survived fleeing into quarantine camps that serve as breeding grounds for death, destruction, and disease. She is just a woman trying not to get killed in a world that doesn't look anything like the one she grew up in, the one that was perfectly sane and normal and boring until three months ago.

I've been trying really hard to get back into reading.  It's been so hard!  My attention span just isn't what it used to be.  My new commute is about an hour so that gives me some audiobook time.  The Girl In Red is one of the few books I was able to listen to eagerly from start to finish.  

The Girl in Red is a post apocalyptic dystopian.  An airborne disease wipes out most of the population.  All that's left is quarantine camps and local militia.  Red has spent her life preparing for just such an event.  She's determined to get her and her family from their home to her grandmother's house hundreds of miles away.  I wasn't really sure why the grandmother's home was the ideal place to go, but whatever, I rolled with it.  

I liked this book, but this is also my favorite genre.  I thought it was going to be a fairytale retelling but it wasn't really like that.  Towards the end it really kinda started going in a direction that I thought was a little weird.  That didn't take away from the overall story though.  Would I recommend this book?  Yes, if you like this kinda thing.   If you don't like dystopian, I'd skip it.

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Spotlight: All the Way by Kendall Ryan

All the Way is out now!  See the buy links below.  Make sure to come back on the 27th for my thoughts on the book!

Author: Kendall Ryan
Publication Date: September 2019

I know it’s time to move on from my rocky past and get back out there and start dating again.

It’s just that every time I think about it, I get all nervous and sweaty.

Good thing I have a secret weapon to help me—my best friend, professional hockey stud Owen Parrish.

He’s the king of hookups, and promises he’ll be my guide through the world of online dating. With his help, I know this won’t be as hard.
• • •
I’ve never been this hard in my entire life.

My friend Becca wants my help hooking her up with some douchey guy from a dating app.

I said I’d help her—but now I’m noticing all kinds of things I can’t ignore, like how pretty she is behind those baggy clothes and messy buns.

I want to be the one to help her, to show her the ropes in the bedroom, and it turns out, Becca’s game to let me take a more hands-on approach.

But what happens when she’s ready to take her newfound confidence and move on? I’ve never been boyfriend material, but for her, I want to try.

Your favorite hot jocks are back with an all new standalone novel. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick (on and off the ice), and smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series is for you!

Goodreads ➜

About Kendall Ryan

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 3 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world.
Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 70 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras.

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Review: You're Dead by Chris Knopf

Author: Chris Knopf
Publisher:  Permanent Press
Date of publication: December 2018

Organizational psychologist Dr. Waters is a happily solitary guy with a few deep attachments, including to his boss Paresh Rajput, the owner of a thriving hi-tech aerospace company. Until something really bad happens to CEO Rajput, which throws Waters into a lunatic swirl of murderous stalkers, corporate intrigue, amorous female executives and crafty cops who see the inscrutable psychologist as murder suspect #1.

Waters is hardly defenseless. A weight-lifter and former wrestler, ace poker player and master student of human nature, he takes it all on with surprising strength and determination. If they only knew. As with the connivers surrounding him, Waters has his own secrets. Autistic as a child, he lives with the consequences some blessings, others a curse. And a love affair that's hidden even more deeply, or so he thinks.

You're Dead was a random library pick and one I went into knowing very little about.  I did end up enjoying the book.  It involves Dr. Waters who is a psychologist who finds his boss murdered in his own apartment.  Naturally, he becomes the prime suspect.  The only thing he can do is to find out what really happened and clear his name.

The best part of this book was Waters.  He is mildly autistic and, from an early age, has learned to read and mimic social cues from others so that he can fit in.   He is a weight lifter, former wrestler  and actually kind of an all around nice guy.   I enjoyed my time following him as he put the pieces together to solve the mystery of who killed his boss.  I think this is a stand alone book, but he is someone I would love to read more about. I won't talk plot too much. There are some good twists. In fact, the whole solution is fairly convoluted and I never would have been able to guess it on my own.  So, the book gets bonus points for that.  If you are looking for something a bit out of the norm, I highly recommend picking this one up.  

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Review: Dying Breath by Heather Graham

Author: Heather Graham
Publisher: Mira 
Date of publication:  May 2017

As a teenager, Vickie Preston survived an attack by a serial killer. That was the first time she saw a ghost. Now the city of Boston is being terrorized—someone is kidnapping women and burying them alive, but cruelly leaving a glimmer of hope for the authorities by sending a clue about their location. Vickie is pulled into the investigation when her name is mentioned in one of the notes. And as a historian, she has the knowledge to help uncover the graves the killer known as the Undertaker is choosing. But she also has another, unique lead: the spirit of one of the victims is appearing to her in dreams.

Special Agent Griffin Price is on the case for the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI's special unit for paranormal investigators. He feels particularly protective of Vickie, since their shared past is connected to the threat that currently surrounds them. With the killer accelerating his plans, time is running out for more victims hidden around the city. Vickie is becoming closer with Griffin, but she's getting too close to the danger, and every breath could be her last.

I took a break from this series for a couple of years because I really didn't enjoy the book that came before this one.  However, I have been trying to read some of my older TBR books and this came up on the list.  I'm glad I gave this series another chance.  Dying Breath is the 21st book in the Krewe of Hunters series.  I feel like it could definitely be read as a stand alone.  Looking ahead, it also looks like this couple, Vickie and Griffin, feature prominently in the next two books as well.  That kind of breaks the pattern of the series because usually it's a different couple every time.

I really liked this story.  As a paranormal mystery, it actually was heavier on the mystery part and lighter on the paranormal part.  Don't get me wrong, there are still ghosts, but it felt more like a good serial killer mystery.  It was a refreshing change.  Vickie and Griffin's relationship made a lot of sense.  They had a bit of a history.  I loved them together and can't wait to read the next two books.    The one thing I did miss in this book was the appearance of other team members.  The only one who shows up here is Jackson Crowe.

As a whole, I have enjoyed the Krewe of Huinter series.  There have been a couple of books that I didn't love, but I think you will find that with any long running series.  Overall, I do recommend this one as well as the series.  

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Review: The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Author: Maureen Johnson
Publisher:Putnam Juvenile
Date of publication: September 2011

Jack the Ripper is back, and he's coming for Rory next....
Louisiana teenager Rory Deveaux arrives in London to start a new life at boarding school just as a series of brutal murders mimicking the horrific Jack the Ripper killing spree of more than a century ago has broken out across the city. The police are left with few leads and no witnesses. Except one. Rory spotted the man believed to be the prime suspect. But she is the only one who saw him - the only one who can see him. And now Rory has become his next target...unless she can tap her previously unknown abilities to turn the tables.
I'm a little late to the party when it comes to this early series by Maureen Johnson.  Autumn reviewed this back in 2011.  Enough time has passed that I think it's safe to out in my two cents.  I ended up really enjoying this book and want to finish out the series.  Rory is an American high school student who goes to a boarding school in London.  Someone begins murdering people in the area and the murders are reminiscent of Jack the Ripper. 

As I said, I really liked the book.  The characters were interesting. I really liked Rory and her attempts to fit into her new environment.  I thought the twist on the "I see dead people" trope was pretty cool.  I wasn't expecting a paranormal element to the book, so it was a nice surprise. 

I have seen reviews that compare this series to her later Truly Devious series.  I didn't really find any similarities other than they take place at a boarding school.  So, don't feel like you are going to get more of the same if you are hesitant to pick this one up.   I, for one, had a fun time reading it and I highly recommend it.

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Spotlight: Excerpt of One Dark Wish by Sharon Wray

Author: Sharon Wray
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: 9/24/2019

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“Twisty plots, fantastic characters, and pitch-perfect pacing. Fabulous!” —ALLISON BRENNAN, New York Times bestselling author

Her life must be forfeit for his to be redeemed

Historian Sarah Munro is not used to being shot at, but that’s just what happens while she’s poking around cemeteries on Georgia’s Isle of Grace, searching for the key to a centuries-old cipher. Her quest has unwittingly drawn the attention of two deadly enemies intent on destroying each other—and anyone who gets in their way.

Ex–Green Beret Major Nate Walker is on a mission of his own: to restore the honor of his men. To do that, he is required to stop Sarah—or one of his own men will die. Caught in the middle of a deadly rivalry, Nate can’t afford to trust the woman standing in his way. But his heart says he can’t afford not to…


“The man bowed.” Sarah Munro hiked her straw bag higher on her shoulder and followed the officer down the Savannah Police Department’s hallway. He held a cell phone to his ear, and she yanked his arm. “And a woman died tonight.” 
                He nodded, but his deep frown, as well as his dismissive wave, told her he wasn’t too concerned about the murder. Or the fact that Sarah had found the body in the Savannah Preservation Office’s courtyard fountain. 
                Was a death in the historic district so commonplace that it didn’t warrant its own investigator? Frustrated, she followed him around the corner toward the second-floor landing when her cell phone buzzed. A text from her father. Where are you? 
                She halted near the stairs, her fingers hovering over the phone’s keyboard. She debated how much to tell him. Then again, he probably already knew. 
                She texted, I’ll be home soon. 
                Someone bumped her as they passed, and she moved closer to the vending machine that carried only rows of Coke cans. Her officer stood nearby, talking on the phone, while federal, state, and local LEOs congregated in groups around the open area. Her father had told her that the city had numerous task forces, all trying to combat the rising crime rate. She and her dad had returned to Savannah nine months ago, and in that short time, they’d both noticed the uptick in drug use and violence. 
                It’s dark. I’ll come get you, her father texted back. 
                No. Not only did she not want her father worrying about her, he wasn’t supposed to drive. I’m leaving soon. Drink your tea. 
            I hate that tea. It tastes like sh*t. 
            Despite the ache in her chest, she smiled. Yes, he hated the tea. Yet it was the only thing that helped with his recurring seizures. And if he thought that being even more cranky than usual meant she’d ease up on the herbal leaves, he was wrong. I don’t care. Drink it. 
            She glanced at her officer—who was still on his phone—and debated leaving. If the cops wanted her statement, they knew where she worked. The same place where a woman had been murdered. “I’m leaving, Officer. But I know what I saw.” 
He ignored her, and she turned toward the stairs. 
            “Sarah?” A male voice cut through the station’s din, ringing phones, and metal chairs scraping along seventy-year-old linoleum. 
            She blinked one man into focus. Tall, broad shoulders, long blond hair tied at the base of his neck, angular face, and deep, ocean-green eyes. The kind a girl could lose herself in. “Nate?” 
            Was that her breathy voice? She swallowed, and a warm flush rose from her neck to her cheeks. She wasn’t sure why, but since meeting Nate Walker yesterday, she’d felt shaky and incoherent and…restless. 
            Does he know what I did to his map? 
            “I heard what happened.” He touched her arm before shoving both hands in the front pockets of his jeans. His biker jacket stretched across his shoulders, the black leather rustling with the movement. “Are you okay?” 
            “I wasn’t hurt.” She stared at the red-and-white vending machine and blinked. Daughters of cops didn’t cry. They endured. “This is my fault, Nate. I’d asked my assistant to do some research for me. I had no idea she was staying late.” 
            “This isn’t your fault.” He leaned in closer, the scar on his cheek appearing deeper and more ragged. His pine-scented aftershave tickled her nose. “I’m sorry.” 
            She wiped her palms on her chiffon skirt, relieved he didn’t seem to realize she’d secretly photographed the seventeenth-century map he’d brought to the preservation office for her to look at. The map included the only layout she’d ever seen of the remote, colonial-era Cemetery of Lost Children on the Isle of Grace. Even though the property’s owner—and Nate himself—had both told her to stay away, she was determined to visit as soon as possible. 
                She was a terrible person. “My dad was a police chief in Boston, so unfortunately I’m used to things like this. I’d just hoped Savannah was safer.” 
                “Nate?” A man built like a wrestler with long, black, braided hair yelled from the lobby on the first floor. “We gotta go, man.” 
                Nate ignored him and kept his attention on her mouth. “I couldn’t help but overhear. What did you see?” 
                She licked her lips. “You’d never believe me.” She wasn’t sure she believed it herself. Loud voices downstairs distracted her. Two military policemen in full uniform and carrying weapons had entered the station. “That’s odd. What do you think they want?” 
                Nate took her hand and led her into a nearby alcove. “What did you see?” 
                She pressed her hands against his chest. His heart pounded, and he radiated heat like an engine revving. “What are you doing?” 
                “Nate?” The man with the braid ran up the stairs. “Time to go. Now.” 
                “Please, Sarah. Tell me. 
                The MPs were right behind Nate’s buddy. 
                “In the shadows, I saw a man bow.” 
                She heard Nate’s sharp inhale right before he kissed her, his gentle hands on her shoulders at odds with his demanding lips. His warmth wrapped her in an erotic haze and he tasted like mint and summer breezes. 
                Had she moaned? Good golly Moses. 
                “Excuse me, ma’am.” 
            Nate broke off the kiss because the man with the braid had taken his arm and dragged him down the hallway to the emergency exit, the MPs on their heels. Chills scurried along her arms, and she wrapped her sweater around herself. She touched her swollen lips, still stunned. Still tasting his peppermint mouthwash. Still inhaling his scent that reminded her of freshly cut grass and pine trees. 
            Nate glanced at her before he hit the metal exit and disappeared. The door slammed shut with a loud reverb. Apparently, he’d locked it as well. When the MPs couldn’t force it open, they turned and ran past her, one of them brushing her skirt as they headed toward the stairs. 
            What do MPs want with Nate Walker? 
            “Miss Munro?” The officer who’d been ignoring her touched her elbow. “I’m ready for your statement.” 
            She pulled away, her attention on the MPs racing out the front doors. She was a woman who sought the truth in both her professional and personal life. But tonight’s revelation was more than a cheap magazine tell-all. It was an earth-shattering event that stripped away the delusions she’d been carrying her entire adult life. One delusion in particular: when Nate’s lips had touched hers, she discovered she’d never truly understood what it meant to be kissed. 
            She nodded. She’d give her statement. Then go home to her father. But as she followed the officer into an interrogation room, she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever see Nate again. No. If she was being honest with herself, which she always tried to be, she wondered if she’d ever kiss Nate again. 

Excerpted from One Dark Wish by Sharon Wray. © 2019 by Sharon Wray. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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About the author:

Sharon Wray is a librarian/archivist who studied dress design in the couture houses of Paris and now writes stories of adventure, suspense, and love. She’s a three-time Daphne du Maurier® winner and an eight-time RWA Golden Heart® Finalist. Visit her online at Sharon lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, teenage twins, and Donut the Family Dog.

Author Website: