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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor

AUthor: Janna MacGregor
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: February 2020

Wild, Wild Rake
, the next sweeping, emotional, witty, and sharp romance in the Cavensham Heiresses series from beloved author Janna MacGregor.

Her first marriage was an epic fail.

Lady Avalon Warwyk never did love her husband. Arrogant, selfish, and cruel, it’s a blessing when she’s widowed and left to raise her son all by herself. Finally, Avalon can live freely and do the work she loves: helping fallen women become businesswomen. She’s lived these past ten years with no desire to remarry—that is, until Mr. Devan Farris comes to town.

Can he convince her to take another chance at happily ever after?

Devan Farris—charming vicar, reputed rake, and the brother of Avalon’s son’s guardian—is reluctantly sent to town to keep tabs on Avalon and her son. Devan wishes he didn’t have to meddle in her affairs; he’s not one to trod on a woman’s independent nature and keen sense of convictions. But she’ll have nothing to do with a vicar with a wild reputation—even though he’s never given his heart and body to another. If only he could find a way to show Avalon who he really is on the inside—a good, true soul looking for its other half. But how can prove that he wants to love and care for her. . .until death do they part?

My thoughts:

Wild, Wild Rake is the 6th book in the Cavensham Heiresses series.  It's first I have read in the series and it holds up very well as a stand alone.  I never felt lost.  This one is Devon and Avalon's story.  I wasn't too sure if I would like this book in the beginning.  The opening scenes are heartbreaking and anger inducing.  However, I am glad I stuck with it.  Devon is officially on my ever growing book boyfriend list.  He was the best part of this book.  I loved how he won Avalon over. Avalon was a wonderful character.  I loved her big heart and how she turned a horrible situation into one where she could give back to others.  The other characters were fun and added so much to the story.  There is one couple toward the end that we only get a hint of.  I would love their story in a novella.  I highly recommend his one.   I want to back to the beginning now and read the back list for this series.

Excerpt from Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor

Avalon read the first line in the letter from her son’s guardian, Gavin Farris, the Earl of Larkton. By all appearances the words resembled something innocuous, purely designed to lull a person into thinking it contained real concern with a touch of whimsical affection.
My dearest lady, I do hope this finds you and your intrepid son well.
“Avalon, did you hear the news?” Seventeen, on the cusp of eighteen years of age, Avalon’s sister, Lady Sophia Cavensham, looked up from her embroidery and smiled. Her gaze darted to her friend Miss Penelope Rowley, the one and only niece of the wealthiest gentry landowner in the shire. Though she was two years older than Sophia, Penelope had become somewhat of a fixture at Warwyk Hall over the last six months since she’d moved to her aunt and uncle’s home. The two women were inseparable.
Penelope let out a dramatic sigh then collapsed in a swoon across the pink-and-gold brocade sofa. In the process, she kneed the table, upsetting the delicate pink china cup and saucer. “Oww.”
Avalon tried to ignore their chatter. The Earl of Larkton’s correspondence had increased in frequency over the last several months. The weekly letters were turning into biweekly posts. Each one wanted more and more control over the Warwyk estate and more decision-making control over her ten-year-old son, Thane Pearce, the Marquess of Warwyk. She doubled her concentration on the letter as she read the entire first paragraph.
The purpose of my correspondence is to inform you that I’ve appointed a new vicar for the village of Thistledown. The man comes with impeccable standing and experience. In addition, his educational training is second to none. He’s a protégé of Lord Bishop Marlowe.
“He’s extraordinary.” Sophia’s dreamlike whisper floated through the air like a dandelion seed.
“He’s . . . simply exquisite.” Penelope’s voice joined Sophia’s in a chorus of dazzled fascination.
My dear Marchioness, it’s my pleasure to announce that my brother—
Avalon swallowed the sudden onrush of bile that marched up her throat. It couldn’t be. Fate was not that hateful.
“Mr. Devan—” Sophia sighed.
“Farris.” Penelope finished the sentence and slowly drew her hand against her forehead as if saying his name caused her to faint.
“No. Not him.” Avalon murmured the words aloud. The sanctimonious prig had arrived to make her life a living hell. Avalon grimaced to keep from casting her accounts. Now she was just exaggerating like the girls. She wasn’t really physically sick, but the news could make a person ill. “When did he arrive in the village?”
Clueless as to how the news affected her older sister, Sophia scooted to the edge of the crimson-and-white striped club chair that sat adjacent to Avalon’s matching one. “Two days ago. Penelope and I just happened to be walking in front of the vicarage when we saw the Earl of Larkton’s coach arrive. The new vicar followed behind on horseback.”
Penelope nodded vigorously as if Sophia’s story needed affirmation.
Avalon wanted to roll her eyes. The two women “never just happen” to do anything. They orchestrated and connived everything from shopping to men. God save anyone who crossed their paths. If one of the girls took a shine to any of the ton’s marriageable men, then London’s finest would soon understand what it meant to be hunted.
As the girls continued their chatter, Avalon devoted her full attention to the rest of the letter. Better to finish the horrid task, then take a long walk through her gardens. Though it was January and bitterly cold outside, a brisk hour of exercise would help Avalon clear some of her unease at the news that Mr. Devan Farris had invaded her village.
I’ve considered your request that the young marquess continue his studies at home, but at the age of ten, his interests would best be served by attending Eton sooner rather than later. That’s where boys turn into men. Your suggestion that he attend Harrow won’t do. His father had insisted that I promise he attend Eton. However, since his Latin skills are somewhat lacking, I’ve decided to hire my brother, Mr. Farris, to tutor him in the subject.
Her blood simmered at the words. The earl’s declaration was nothing more than gilding the lily. Everyone within fifty miles of London knew that Devan Farris sought to marry an heiress. Until he found one, the fortune-hunting vicar thought to use her son’s marquisate to pay double for his services. Since her son’s estate paid for the vicar’s wages, Mr. Farris would receive another wage from the coffers for tutoring lessons.
But what really brought her blood to boil was that the smug vicar would be nosing into her business, and that wouldn’t do at all. She and only she ruled the parish with a fair and impartial hand. No one, including Devan Farris, would upset her world.


Janna MacGregor was born and raised in the bootheel of Missouri. She is the author of the Cavensham Heiresses series, which begins with The Bad Luck Bride. Janna credits her darling mom for introducing her to the happily-ever-after world of romance novels. Janna writes stories where compelling and powerful heroines meet and fall in love with their equally matched heroes. She is the mother of triplets and lives in Kansas City with her very own dashing rogue, and two smug, but not surprisingly, perfect pugs.

SMP Romance Twitter: @SMPRomance or @heroesnhearts

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Review: The Lies We Tell by Debra Webb

Author: Debra Webb
Publisher; MIRA
Publication Date: September 2019

Nothing hurts like the truth.

Doctor Rowan Dupont knows a serial killer is coming for her. Julian Addington has been waiting. Watching. And it’s only a matter of time before he strikes. But what Julian doesn’t know is that Rowan is ready for him. And more than anything she wants answers. How well did the depraved killer actually know her mother? And how many lies have been spun in the years since she took her own life?

Working alongside her childhood friend Police Chief Billy Brannigan, Rowan is determined to get to the bottom of her mother’s puzzling suicide once and for all—even if it means exposing an unsettling past. It certainly seems like her family’s Victorian funeral home has borne witness to more than one dark secret, but when a recent double homicide leads to an even grislier discovery, separating the truth from the lies might be the last thing Rowan does.

The Lies We Tell is the second book in the Undertaker's Daughter series.  This one takes up fairly soon after the events of the first book.  Reeling from the aftermath of those events, Rowan is carrying on with her business with a steady flow of funerals.  A new body brings questions about her mother and her relationship with serial killer Julian Addington.  On top of that it looks like there might be another serial killer on the loose.

I enjoyed this one about as equally as the first one.  I felt like Rowan was a lot smarter in her actions throughout the book and took less risks.  The mystery was solid and engaging. The solution in the end was surprise.  There is also a continuing arc that deals with Rowan's mother and father.  We get a bit more answers, but also a lot more questions.   I hope the next book will answers those questions.  The best part of the book was the turn the relationship between Rowan and Billy took.  I won't spoil it, but it was great. This is a great series and I highly recommend it.  I look forward to the next one The Darkness We Hide which comes out in March 2020.

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February DNFs

The Kissing Game:  I thought this was a new series that was unrelated to other series by this author.  But no, it's just an extension of two of her previou series.  Because of that, there are so many characters with back stories that kept showing up.  I felt like I should know them.  I was also put off by the very cliche stereotypical way Axel (who is from Germany) was portrayed. Rena and Axel were also so boring.  I really didn't care if they got together or not.

Grit:  I guess the first book in this series is going to be the only one that I ended up reading and liking,  I was really looking forward to this one.  But again, the couple turned out to be to be kind of boring.  So boring that the angst they went through was boring.  I felt more tension between them in the other two books that they were barely in.  Read the first one and skip the rest.

Pretty Pretty Boys: I had heard good things about this series. However, I ended up not liking the main detective.  The main detective was so hot and cold with his partner.  It got tiring.   I also didn't really understand what the mystery was supposed to be.  I was really lost, so I gave up.

The Tenth Girl:  Again, this was another confusing book.  I didn't make it in very far and I knew it wasn't going to be for me.  There is a perspective from a ghost.  I'm not a fan of that trope, so I gave up.

Curious Toys:  My librarian recommended this one to me.  I'm not sure what she read, but I got 2 discs in and had no idea what was going on.  I went back and restarted it twice and was still lost.  Life is too short.

Clear My Name:  I was really into this book until the author introduced a plot point that I hate.  One of the main characters is having an affair with a married co-worker.  All of their other co-workers know it's going on and just choose to look the other way.  They don't "talk about his wife".  Nope.  I can't like a main character who behaves like that.  It ruined the story for me.

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Review: Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long

Author: Beverly Long
Publisher: MIRA
Publication Date: February 2020

They know exactly when he'll strike... They just have to find him first.

In all their years working for the Baywood police department, detectives A.L. McKittridge and Rena Morgan have never seen anything like it. Four women dead in forty days, each killed ten days apart. With nothing connecting the victims and very little evidence, the clock is already counting down to when the next body drops. A.L. and Rena will have to act fast if they're going to find the killer's next victim before he does.

But identifying the killer's next likely target is only half the battle. With pressure pushing in from all sides, a promising breakthrough leads the detectives to Tess Lyons, a woman whose past trauma has left her too damaged to appreciate the danger she's in. Unwilling to let another woman die, A.L. and Rena will put everything on the line to keep Tess safe and end the killer's deadly spree once and for all--before time runs out again.

Ten Days Gone is the first book in a new series featuring detective A.L. McKittridge and his partner Rena Morgan.  This first book finds the  team investigating a serial killer who has killed 4 women in the past 40 days.  The deadline for the next murder is coming up and they need to figure out who the victim is before it is to late. It is pretty much a straight police procedural.  I really enjoyed it.  

The mystery was well written.  I felt like the plot was well laid out and I was kept guessing until the end. The best parts of the story were the characters.  I really liked A.L. as well as Rena.  I felt like I got to know them as detectives as well as just regular people. The made a great team. I enjoyed the interactions between A.L. and his ex-wife as well as his daughter.  I also loved the side story with Rena and her husband.  I felt like those side stories made them seem a lot more human and not just caricatures.  I highly recommend this one.  I can't wait to see what happens next with these detectives.

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Blog Tour: Excerpt of Sweet on You by KC Enders

Author: KC Enders
Publication date: February 2020

Lyla Dupree
She’s a bubbly, sugary sweet pastry chef. Living her best life in the Big Apple. Luxury apartment. Successful patisserie. Everything is great–better than great. It's absolutely perfect.

Raleigh Jacobs
He’s grumbly and growly–and so very out of his element–working on a temporary assignment in NYC. He wants to do his job and get out. Back to the clean air in the mountains near Denver.

Throw them together.
Mix things up.
Turn up the heat and what you get is, quite simply, alarming.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.

Copyright @ KC Enders 2020

The door next to me swings open, and a giant of lean muscle, scruffy cheeks, and deep dark brown scowling eyes steps out into the hallway, startling me.
With a really unladylike gasp, I stumble backward until my back hits the doorjamb. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” I squeak. “You scared me. Welcome. Kent emailed me that he’d sublet his place for a couple of months, though he didn’t tell me anything about you. Not that he needed to, I mean, it’s none of my business, really. I’m Lyla Dupree, it’s lovely to meet you.” I thrust my hand out to shake, but he just stares, so I let it fall back to my side.
I’m rambling, and I can’t seem to stop. It’s my thing when I’m nervous, but my roommate Sasha tells me it comes off as bubbly and kind of sweet. From the look on this guy’s face, though, I wonder if she’s just been blowing sunshine up my butt because he looks pissed. And that just makes me even more nervous, so the bubbly word vomit continues.
“You picked an amazing place to live while you’re here in the city. Where are you from? Somewhere out west, maybe? I mean, not that I know. I already told you that, so it’s just a guess, but with the flannel and the beanie…” Dear Jesus, now would be a perfect time for me to shut up. “Anyway, I just finished testing a new recipe, I’m a chef. I don’t know if Kent mentioned that when you talked about the sublet, but he should have. I mean, I do pastries, and my roommate Sasha does more of the real food. Oh my God, she makes the best mac and cheese, truly she’s amazing. Kent said it was a good thing he had to leave for this temporary assignment in London. Something about gaining weight if he lived next to us for too much longer. I don’t know, though, I think something might have happened between him and Sasha, you know? They both kind of started acting funny and then the next thing I know he’s taking a job in England for a year. But, whatever. Do you like sweets? Cakes, cookies, pastries? Any food allergies I should know about?”
And, cue uncomfortable silence.

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Author Info

Karin is a New York Girl living in a Midwest world. A connoisseur of great words, fine bourbon, and strong coffee, she’s married to the love of her life and is mother to two grown men, she is proud to say can cook and clean up after themselves, and always open doors for the ladies (you’re welcome, world).

And when life gets a little too calm, she tends to adopt big old rescue dogs: short on brains, large on personality.

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February Mini Musings

Rewind:  I almost DNf'd this one. I will admit, the beginning was a little confusing and I started it two times before finishing it.  I am really glad I did.  it ended up being a really good mystery with lots of twists,  turns and red herrings.  It toggles between past and present to tell the story. The characters were interesting and memorable.  I highly recommend his one.

The Chill:  This ended up being kind of a disappointment.  I wanted to love this one.  However, it reminded me of the more recent Stephen king books that I have read: promising synopsis only to fail on execution.  The premise was amazing and it had great potential.  It just never got off the ground for me.  Honestly, I was kind of bored.  I wanted to be scared and I just never was.  The big "moment" at the end was anti-climatic and I swear if you blink, you will miss it.  This is the first book I have read by this author.  I will give him another shot in the future.
Hand on the Wall:  I'm not sure I loved this last book of the trilogy.  It did wrap up the mysteries nicely.  But I did find this a little confusing initially because it had been a year since I read the last one. I wouldn't recommend reading this one out of order because it will spoil the other two books for you. I enjoyed it.  I honestly don't have much more to say about it.  Overall, the series is fun and I do recommend it.

Hidden:  This was a really fun romantic suspense.  It does deal with a cult, so it is a serious issue.  That part wasn't fun.  However, I loved the characters.  The team that was put together were full of interesting people.  They all have quirks and are damaged.  Wolf by far is my favorite of the bunch.  Not to mention Rosco the dog.  The main couple was so good together and I loved their journey.  I highly recommend this one.

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Review: The Other People by C.J. Tudor

Author: C.J. Tudor
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date:  January 2020

Driving home one night, stuck behind a rusty old car, Gabe sees a little girl's face appear in the rear window. She mouths one word: 'Daddy.' It's his five-year-old daughter, Izzy.

He never sees her again.

Three years later, Gabe spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, searching for the car that took his daughter, refusing to give up hope, even though most people believe that Izzy is dead.

Fran and her daughter, Alice, also put in a lot of miles on the motorway. Not searching. But running. Trying to keep one step ahead of the people who want to hurt them. Because Fran knows the truth. She knows what really happened to Gabe's daughter.

Then, the car that Gabe saw driving away that night is found, in a lake, with a body inside and Gabe is forced to confront events, not just from the night his daughter disappeared, but from far deeper in his past.

His search leads him to a group called The Other People.

Of the three books that I have read by this author, The Other People is probably going to be my least favorite.  It was one of my most anticipated books of the year.  I wish I could say I loved it, but it ended up being just OK for me.  The story follows a couple of story lines:  a father who swears his daughter was kidnapped, but no one believes him,  a nurse taking care of a girl in a coma and  a mother on the run with her daughter.

I'm not sure I can pinpoint any one thing that made this kind of a bland story.  The characters were a little forgettable. I wanted a thriller and I just didn't get one.  It has been a couple of weeks since I finished the book and I honestly forgot most of what happened in the story.  Good thrillers tend to stay with me.  The story was a bit convoluted with a couple of twists.  The ending does wrap up the story fairly well but I still had a couple of questions.   I'm still a fan of this author's so I do look forward to the next book.  It's not the worst thriller I have read, it's just not the best either.

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Blog Tour: Excerpt of Her Homecoming Wish by Jo McNally

Author: Jo McNally
Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition
Publication Date: February 2020

She’s ready to shed her good-girl ways…
“You’re all about following the rules now?
Mackenzie Wallace hopes there’s still some bad boy lurking beneath single father Danny Adams’s upright exterior. Being the proverbial good girl left her brokenhearted and alone in the past. Now she’s back in town and wants excitement with her high school crush—not love. Dan knows their connection runs deep, despite Mackenzie’s protests. But will their new personas work together—especially when Dan’s secret is exposed?


Dan returned, thankfully ending the conversation. He handed her a glass, but it wasn’t beer.
“I thought you might want some water to hydrate yourself from all your…uh…activity.”
“In other words, you agree I’ve had enough beer tonight? You’re right—this is not a typical Friday night for me.” Remembering she was here to start a more fun-loving life, she lifted her chin. “At least it wasn’t before tonight.”
Owen leaned forward to make himself heard over the music. “Hey, Dan, you bike, right? A bunch of us are going to do the loop around the lake Sunday. Wanna join us?”
Mack’s eyes went wide. “Dan, you still have your motorcycle? I used to love the way that thing rumbled…”
Kiara’s eyebrows rose, and Mack realized she sounded gushy. But she hadn’t thought of Dan pulling up behind the liquor store on that dark red Harley of his in a long time. He’d been every teenage girl’s bad-boy dream—handsome, reckless and restless. She used to run to the back window when she heard him coming, just to watch him pull that helmet off and run his fingers through his hair, wearing those tight jeans.
Was it hot in here, or was it her memories that were heating her up right now? She gulped down the cold water, nearly emptying the glass in one pull. Dan was saying something. Oh, damn. Dan was talking and she wasn’t even listening…
“…think Owen’s referring to bicycles, not motorcycles.” He nodded toward Owen. “I’ve got Chloe this weekend, so I’ll have to pass.” His mouth slanted into a half grin as he turned back to Mack. “But yes, I still have the old Harley. It’s been in mothballs for a few years, but I can’t seem to part with that last vestige of my misspent youth.”
That bad boy might still be in there…
“You know, I’ve never been on a motorcycle. You should give me a ride sometime…”
Dan coughed and the others laughed. That wasn’t the kind of ride she’d meant, of course. Or was it? Rather than apologize, she just met his gaze and shrugged.
There was a spark of something in his eyes. Interest? He closed them and shook his head, as if chasing away whatever thoughts she’d put there.

About the author:

 Jo McNally lives in upstate New York with 100 pounds of dog and 200 pounds of husband – her slice of the bed is very small. When she's not writing or reading romance novels (or clinging to the edge of the bed...), she can often be found on the back porch sipping wine with friends, listening to an eclectic playlist. If the weather is perfect, she might join her husband on the golf course, where she always feels far more competitive than her actual skill-level would suggest.

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Spotlight: Audio Excerpt of The Body in Griffith Park by Jennifer Kincheloe

Author: Jennifer Kincheloe
Narrator: Moira Quirk
Length: 10 hours 50 minutes
Publisher: Seventh Street Books
Genre: Historical Fiction Mystery
Series: Anna Blanc Mysteries, Book 3
Release date: July 16, 2019
Los Angeles, 1908. Anna Blanc is a former so-so socialite, a flailing police matron, and a killer detective.
Ex-heiress Anna Blanc is precariously employed by the Los Angeles Police Department, reforming delinquent children and minding lady jailbirds. What she really wants is to hunt criminals and be alone with Detective Joe Singer - both no-nos that could get her fired.
On a lover's tryst in Griffith Park, Anna and Joe discover the body of a young gambler. Anna can't resist. She's on the case. As her murder investigation stalls, and her police matron duties start piling up, strange floral arrangements begin arriving from an unknown admirer.
Following the petals leads Anna to another crime, one close to home. Suddenly pitted against Joe, Anna must examine her loyalties and solve the crimes, even if it means losing the man she loves.

Buy on AudibleAmazon

About the Author: Jennifer Kincheloe

Jennifer has been a block layer, a nurse's aid, a fragrance model, and on the research faculty at UCLA, where she spent 11 years conducting studies to inform health policy. A native of Southern California, she now lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two teenagers. She's currently writing book three in the Anna Blanc Mystery series. Book two, THE WOMAN IN THE CAMPHOR TRUNK, is coming out in Fall of 2017 from Seventh Street Books.

About the Narrator: Moira Quirk

Moira grew up in teeny-tiny Rutland, England’s smallest county, which is fitting as she never managed to make it past five feet herself.  Moira’s work spans the pantheon of the voiceover world: plays for BBC radio, plays for NPR, video games, commercials, television promos, podcasts, cartoons, movies and award winning audiobooks. She's won Multiple Audie Awards, Earphone Awards, as well as Audible's prestigious Book-of-the-Year Award. She has lately set foot in front of the camera again, appearing in “Pretty: the Series” and the Emmy-winning “Dirty Work.”

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Blog Tour: Review of Last Day by Luanne Rice

Author: Luanne Rice
Publisher: Thomas and Mercer
Publication Date: February 2020

Years ago, Beth Lathrop and her sister Kate suffered what they thought would be the worst tragedy of their lives the night both the famous painting Moonlight and their mother were taken. The detective assigned to the case, Conor Reid, swore to protect the sisters from then on.
Beth moved on, throwing herself fully into the art world, running the family gallery, and raising a beautiful daughter with her husband Pete. Kate, instead, retreated into herself and took to the skies as a pilot, always on the run. When Beth is found strangled in her home, and Moonlight goes missing again, Detective Reid can’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu.
Reid immediately suspects Beth’s husband, whose affair is a poorly kept secret. He has an airtight alibi—but he also has a motive, and the evidence seems to point to him. Kate and Reid, along with the sisters’ closest childhood friends, struggle to make sense of Beth’s death, but they only find more questions: Who else would have wanted Beth dead? What’s the significance of Moonlight?
Twenty years ago, Reid vowed to protect Beth and Kate—and he’s failed. Now solving the case is turning into an obsession . . .

Last Day opens with a seemingly peaceful scene, but looks can be deceiving.  After a strong and shocking opening, I was hoping for a good murder mystery.  The mystery was there, but it didn't live up to my expectations.  For me, the story moved too slowly and was a bit repetitive.  I felt like I was skimming in places.  Part of my issue was the multiple points of view. I'm not a fan in general of the same story told through a lot of different character eyes.  One point of view in particular toward the end I really disliked and honestly took me out of the story.  I didn't think it was necessary.  

There are a few twists and surprises and the ending was a surprise. However, I didn't like it or think it was satisfying.  It's not a bad book, it just wasn't what I was hoping for.  I think I am in the minority when it comes to this book.  So definitely try it out for yourself.

Purchase Links

About Luanne Rice
Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of 34 novels, which have been translated into 24 languages. The author of Last Day, Dream Country, Beach Girls, Pretend She’s Here and others, Rice often writes about love, family, nature, and the sea. She received the 2014 Connecticut Governor’s Arts Award for excellence and lifetime achievement in the Literary Arts category.
Several of Rice’s novels have been adapted for television, including Crazy in Love for TNT, Blue Moon for CBS, Follow the Stars Home and Silver Bells for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and Beach Girls for Lifetime. Rice’s four cats are her muses, and she speaks their language. She lives in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Connect with Luanne

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