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Spotlight: Excerpt of Tamara Morgan's STEALING MR. RIGHT

Author: Tamara Morgan
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Date of publication: March 2017

I'm a wanted jewel thief.
He's FBI.
What's that saying? Keep your friends close...and your husband closer.

Being married to a federal agent certainly has its perks.

1. I just love the way that man looks in a suit.
2. This way I always know what the enemy is up to.

Spending my days lifting jewels and my nights tracking the Bureau should have been a genius plan. But the closer I get to Grant Emerson, the more dangerous this feels. With two million dollars' worth of diamonds on the line, I can't afford to fall for my own husband.

It turns out that the only thing worse than having a mortal enemy is being married to one. Because in our game of theft and seduction, only one of us will come out on top.

Good thing a cat burglar always lands on her feet.


Enjoy this excerpt:

When Grant returned, I could tell any chances of that happening were gone. The relaxed, playful mood we’d been in for most of the evening had vanished, replaced by a wide step and a straight back. His mouth was set in a grim line. I’d have been lying if I said that version of Grant—man of action, FBI agent to the core—wasn’t as much of a turn-on as the softer one.

“I hope you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t get mad when her date walks out halfway through,” he said. There wasn’t nearly as much apology in his voice as I’d have liked, but something about the anxious expression that replaced the crinkles around his eyes put me in a forgiving mood.

“I don’t know what kind of woman I am in that situation. I’ve never had a date walk out on me before.”

The anxious expression lightened a touch, and a surge of pleasure moved through me at having lifted it myself. “Do you feel a strong urge to throw that plate of fettuccini at me?”

I toyed with my fork. “Surprisingly, no.”

“How about the water? Is there a chance it’ll end up in my face?”

“Such juvenile tactics you resort to in times of anger.” I made a soft tsking sound. “If I wanted to seek retribution for the outrage I’ve suffered at your hands, I’d be much more subtle than that. My revenge would be years in the making.”

I got a flash of his teeth, a real smile, before he carefully tucked it away. “That I believe. The bill’s taken care of, and you can feel free to order more dessert while you wait. The cab should be here in about fifteen minutes.”

“Wait—you’re not going to drive me back to town?”

He winced. “I’m really sorry, but I can’t. I shouldn’t even be taking this long to get on my way. We’ll pause the date, okay? Pick up again later?” Pause the date? Was that even allowed?

Some of my annoyance must have shown on my face, because he took two massive strides and pulled me out of my chair, holding me so close, our chests bumped and tingled. Well, his bumped; mine tingled. I’d never wanted any man to touch me as much as I wanted Grant to touch me in that moment. It was impossible not to imagine how the solid weight of his hand would feel sliding between our bodies, skimming my curves, settling on the softest, roundest parts, and staying there for hours.

Something told me that Grant was a thorough man in this, as in all things.

To my shivering delight, his hand did come up, but only to cup the side of my face. His thumb grazed my lips just long enough to trace the outline before falling away again. I couldn’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure a groan of my frustration escaped before he finished.

Then again, the sound could have just as easily come from him.

“I’m sorry. As much as I’d like to bring this date to an end the proper way, I have to run.”

“You aren’t going to tell me why?” I asked.

“You know how it goes. I could tell you, but…” He didn’t have to finish. Then I’d have to kill you.

Despite my frustration—a mounting feeling lodged in my stomach and working like liquid bolts down my thighs— I managed a smile. “Then off you go. Rid the world of thieves and bad guys so it’s safe for the rest of humanity.”

I was careful not to place myself on either side of that equation.

Grant nodded and did a quick survey of the restaurant to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything before heading efficiently out the door. Predictably, it didn’t make a sound as it closed behind him.

As soon as he was gone, I took a moment to make the same survey. The stucco walls, which had seemed so quaint and charming when we’d arrived, now looked dingy. A light in the corner flickered intermittently, and the mandolin music playing softly in the background picked up an almost country twang.

For the first time, I saw this evening as exactly what it was: a half-assed attempt at seduction, a cheap ploy to get information from a woman who was too stupid to know when she was in over her head.

Then the door flew open again, revealing Grant’s dark, impressive profile against the evening sky. He crossed the restaurant without a word and pulled me into his arms. My head tipped back, my lips parted in anticipation, and my body lit up where it touched his.

“Fuck it. End of the date or not, I’m kissing you.”

Grant’s mouth crashed over mine in the arrogant, masculine sweep of energy that characterized everything he said and did. I toyed briefly with the idea of feigning outrage or chiding him for going back on his word, but what was the point? I wanted this as much as he did.

Who was I kidding? I wanted it more.

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Review Blitz Tour: Take Me Back by Meghan March

Author: Meaghan March
Date of publication: March 2017

We fell in love on a beach, got married in paradise, and I carried her off into the sunset. It should have been perfect, but saying “I do” doesn’t guarantee a happily-ever-after.
Two years later, I barely recognize either of us behind the walls we’ve built.
It’s time to bring it full circle. Back to a tropical paradise. Back to find out if we can still make this work.
I’m not willing to give her up, but to save us, I have to risk everything.
Two damaged people.
Countless secrets.
The fight of our lives.
We might be broken, but we’re not done.

I was really excited when I was given the chance to review Take Me Back for this tour.  After reading, I was even more excited after because I loved the story.  Then, I  as told, I had to review without any spoilers.  As a reviewer, that can be a real challenge so I will do my best.  The basic set up of the story is after two years of marriage, Dane and Kat are almost strangers.  They go on a vacation to try to find their way back to each other. 

The story waffles between past and present, so the reader gets a pretty good idea as to how they lost their way.  I was really rooting for these two. I loved their chemistry. It’s heart breaking when you have two people who obviously love each other, but have seemed to drift apart because of secrets.  There are a lot of surprises packed into this book.  That’s ALL I will say.  Just go buy it, read it and spread the word.  You’ll love it!

Sign up to be notified when it’s available on Amazon:


Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She's also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she's ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at

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Throwback Thursday: Virgin River by Robyn Carr

Author: Robyn Carr
First published in 2007 by Mira

"Wanted: Midwife/nurse practitioner in Virgin River, population six hundred. Make a difference against the backdrop of towering California redwoods and crystal-clear rivers. Rent-free cabin included." When the recently widowed Melinda Monroe sees this ad she quickly decides that the remote mountain town of Virgin River might be the perfect place to escape her heartache, and to reenergize the nursing career she loves. But her high hopes are dashed within an hour of arriving: the cabin is a dump, the roads are treacherous and the local doctor wants nothing to do with her. Realizing she's made a huge mistake, Mel decides to leave town the following morning.

But a tiny baby, abandoned on a front porch, changes her plans...and a former marine cements them into place.

Melinda Monroe may have come to Virgin River looking for escape, but instead she finds her home.

I'm not sure why I never read this series.  I loved the Thunder Point series, so it shouldn't have been a big surprise that I would enjoy visiting the town of Virgin River.  I really enjoyed this first book.  Ms. Carr has created a wonderful little town with great and caring characters.  

I'll admit that I didn't warm up to Melinda right away.  She was a little too "city" for me and was kind of a snob.  I loved Jack right off and watching this couple fall in love was a real pleasure for me.  I also ended up loving Mel's journey through rediscovering herself and working through her grief.  The one story-line I could have done without was Liz and Ricky's budding romance.  Because of their age, I felt it was a little too much detail for me.  I have a feeling that situation will be a story arc over the series, but still it was a little TMI.  

I definitely want to pick up the next book, Shelter Mountain.  I loved Preacher and can't wait to read his story!

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Blog Tour: Guest Post and excerpt of Beethoven in Love; Opus 139 by Howard Jay Smith

Welcome to author, Howard Jay Smith as he promotes his book, Beethoven in love; Opus 139.  Make sure to check out his guest post as well as an excerpt from the book.

Author: Howard Jay Smith
Publisher: SYQ
At the moment of his death, Ludwig van Beethoven pleads with Providence to grant him a final wish—one day, just a single day of pure joy. But first he must confront the many failings in his life, so the great composer and exceedingly complex man begins an odyssey into the netherworld of his past life led by a spirit guide who certainly seems to be Napoleon, who died six years before. This ghost of the former emperor, whom the historical Beethoven both revered and despised, struggles to compel the composer to confront the ugliness as well as the beauty and accomplishments of his past. 

As Beethoven ultimately faces the realities of his just-ended life, we encounter the women who loved and inspired him. In their own voices, we discover their Beethoven—a lover with whom they savor the profound beauty and passion of his creations. And it’s in the arms of his beloveds that he comes to terms with the meaning of his life and experiences the moment of true joy he has always sought.

Beethoven & the Quest for his Immortal Beloved
“Your love makes me at once both the happiest and the unhappiest of men. . . Love me today, yesterday . . . . What tearful longings for you, you, you. My life, my all. Farewell. Never cease to love me. Never misjudge this most faithful heart of your beloved. Ever yours . . . Ever mine . . . Ever ours. . . .”

Thus concludes one of the most famous love notes in history; Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved,” letter written to a mysterious and as yet unknown woman. Not only did he fail address her by name, he further baffled music historians by simply dating the letter, July 7th, leaving off the year. Outside of Beethoven’s actual music, there is more speculation about the women in his life than anything else. 

So who was this woman, this Immortal Beloved, that has been the focus of such fevered study in the nearly 190 years since his death in 1827, when a copy of the letter was found in his apartment by accident alone?

Will we ever know her true identity and give this woman her due?  Was she a married aristocrat with whom he had an affair? Or a childhood sweetheart he longed to see once again? Or was she even the mother of a child he never knew?

Speculation is rife, even today, when the descendants of over a dozen women, including the dedicatee of the “Moonlight Sonata,” claim him as their own. 

At the moment of his death, in his last seconds of conscious, Beethoven raised his fist and shook it at his Creator.  Did he demand to know why it is, that he, whose hearing once surpassed all others in sensitivity and degree had been cast out as history’s cruel joke, a deaf composer who was also denied the comforts of family and the affections of his Immortal Beloved?

For all his creative genius, Beethoven was a flawed man who led a troubled life.  In my novel we explore the depths of that love and pain.  In that last tick of the clock, our Beethoven pleads with Providence to grant him one final wish… One day, just one day of pure joy in her arms.   Thus begins a spiritual journey to the borders of Elysium, where Beethoven re-experience each of those precious moments. He struggles to come to peace not only with all the failings of his life but to also to find solace in the embrace of his Immortal Beloved.

Will he succeed? As one of the characters Beethoven encounters so on the road to paradise proudly proclaims, “What is a novel but a collection of lies we tell to reveal greater truths?” 

Enjoy this excerpt:

The Death of Beethoven
Vienna, 5:00 pm, March 26, 1827  
Outside Beethoven’s rooms at the Schwarzspanierhaus, a fresh measure of snow from a late season thunderstorm muffles the chimes of St. Stephens Cathedral as they ring out the hours for the old city.
    Ein, Zwei, Drei, Vier… Funf  Uhr.  Five O’clock.
    Beethoven, three months past his fifty-sixth birthday, lies in a coma, as he has now for two nights, his body bound by the betrayal of an illness whose only virtue was that it proved incurable and would, thankfully, be his last. Though his chest muscles and his lungs wrestle like giants against the approaching blackness, his breathing is so labored that the death rattle can be heard over the grumblings of the heavens throughout his apartment. 
     Muss es sein? Must it be? Ja, es muss sein. Beethoven is dying. From on high, the Gods vent their grief at his imminent passing and hurl a spear of lightening at Vienna.
     Their jagged bolt of electricity explodes outside the frost covered windows of the Schwarzspanierhaus with a clap of thunder so violent it startles the composer to consciousness. 
     Beethoven’s eyes open, glassy, unfocused. He looks upward – only the Gods know what he sees, if anything. He raises his right hand, a hand that has graced a thousand sonatas, and clenches his fist for perhaps the last time. His arm trembles as if railing against the heavens. Tears flood his eyes.
     His arm falls back to the bed… His eyelids close… And then he is gone ...

About the author:

Howard Jay Smith is an award-winning writer from Santa Barbara, California. BEETHOVEN IN LOVE; OPUS 139 is his third book. A former Washington, D.C. Commission for the Arts Fellow, & Bread Loaf Writers Conference Scholar, he taught for many years in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and has lectured nationally. His short stories, articles and photographs have appeared in the Washington Post, Horizon Magazine, the Journal of the Writers Guild of America, the Ojai Quarterly, and numerous literary and trade publications. While an executive at ABC Television, Embassy TV, and Academy Home Entertainment, he worked on numerous film, television, radio, and commercial projects. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Symphony - "The Best Small City Symphony in America" -  and is a member of the American Beethoven Society.




Purchase Information:


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Cover Reveal: Chasing Wicked by Kathryn James


Today we have the gorgeous cover for Chasing Wicked by Kathryn James! This sexy contemporary romance is releasing April 18th. Check it out and grab your copy on release day!

Chasing Wicked Final Front Cover

Title: Chasing Wicked

Author: Kathryn James

Release Date: April 18th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Chasing Wicked:

Stone Mitchell was and always will be toxic. Forbidden. Poison. I’d had a taste and it nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple. He’d betrayed me in the worst imaginable way possible. Six years later, I found myself riding out a dangerous storm with the cheating bastard. Truths are uncovered. Deception unfolds. Passion ignites and chemistry explodes. Adding to the drama? I hold a secret that’s unforgivable. I’m the one that ruined our second chance. Yet, it’s Stone that comes for me with a vengeance. He’s wicked. He’s wicked ruthless. Pure wicked sin. …and I want another taste.

Exclusive Excerpt:

Stone Mitchell—my worst nightmare. The muscles of his back rippled against his tight-fitting black t-shirt like he’d been molded into it. He had thick brown hair that was made of silk, softer than silk…my hands remembered exactly how soft. In a complete stupor, I let go of the handle of the suitcase, causing it to crash against the tiled floor. He spun around, tossed a dish towel over his shoulder, and froze mid-spin. Icy topaz eyes met my disgusted glare head on. “What the hell are you doing here?” he bit out. “Stone…” My heart screamed for me to bolt, but I didn’t take a single step. “I asked you what the hell you’re doing here.” He tossed the kitchen towel across the countertop and folded his arms across this chest. “I-I’m supposed to be here. Why are you here?” “This is the last place you’re supposed to be.” This had to be the most jacked-up karma in the world. Nausea rolled into the pit of my stomach and my nails dug into the palms of my hand. The cocky bastard wore the same expression he’d worn all those years ago. “Dovie sent me.” My voice was barely above a whisper. “Why the hell would my grandmother send you to my house?” Behind him, foamy liquid spilled over the rim of the stockpot, filling the room with popping sounds as the contents ran onto the burner and sizzled. “Shit!” He whirled around, quickly moving it. My mind formulated a hundred different scenarios to rationalize what was happening, but one thought screamed louder than the rest: Get the hell out of here. I seized the opportunity, grabbed my bag, and ran like hell. Bolting out of the house, I took the steps off the deck two at a time, my suitcase bouncing all around behind me. Halfway down, wind whipping my hair against my face, I heard the door slam above then heavy footsteps closing in behind me. Sheets of rain blew underneath the house, stinging my skin. Adrenaline fueled my feet as I reached the sedan’s door handle, seconds away from leaving the biggest mistake of my life behind. “Why are you here? No way did Gammy send you here,” he called out as he kept walking toward me like a predator. “I’m here because she offered me this place for the summer. I don’t know… She didn’t send me here knowing you were here.” She couldn’t have. My Dovie would never have done that to me…or to him. Only steps away, he showed no sign of stopping, so I spun back around to make my great escape. He caged in my body against the car, not touching me, but so close that if I moved at all, I would land against either his arms or chest. He pressed the frame of the door closed. “Get away from me. I’m leaving, and I just want to forget I ever saw you.” “Liar. You won’t forget. I don’t think you’ve ever forgotten…” He leaned in closer, stopping when his mouth was against my ear. “You’ve never forgotten how you whispered my name into my ear, over and over again.” His words repulsed me. I hated him. “I remember you being the biggest mistake of my life.” “Turn around.” “Go to hell.” “I earned my free ticket to hell a long time ago. Turn around, Avery.” The way my name rolled off his tongue caused my breath to catch; it always had. I despised the fact that he still possessed the power to make my traitorous body react. He was and always would be toxic. Forbidden. Poison. I’d had a taste, and it had nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple. He pressed his chest against my back, and old memories trespassed into my mind. No matter how hard I’d tried, I’d never forgotten the last night we’d spent together. Under an audience of a million twinkling stars, we had slept on a blanket on the edge of Cotton Wilson’s private lake. That night had been beautiful. Perfect. Two days later, Stone was long gone, and thanks to social media and gossiping texts, the people in my small community knew why before I did. “Leave me alone,” I whispered. “I can’t do that. There’s a bad storm coming with high winds and a lot of rain. I know for a fact that the only two motels are full, and by now the ferry has already closed.” There had to be somewhere else for me to stay. A shelter. A church. Hell, even in my car. Another large gust of wind sailed through the air, knocking over the trash bin by the driveway and causing a piece of some sort of metal to blow down the street. He placed his hand on my upper arm in a gentle touch. “Come inside, Avery, before you end up getting hurt.”

About the Author:

Author Pic Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and a very sweet and spoiled poodle named Macy. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and strong heroines. The beach is one of her favorite places to hangout, relax, and write. She debuted her first novel, Crazy Beautiful Lies and released a short Crazy Beautiful Kiss which was published in A Story of a Kiss anthology. She plans to release it again as a novella by the end of summer.   For information about Kathryn L. James or to stay updated on upcoming releases, please drop by:

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Spotlight: Hot Zone Series by Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips "Hot Zone" series is being released with brand new covers.  Make sure to get your copy of each today!

Hot Stuff
Book 1

He's about to find out … She's not just one of the guys.

Annabelle Jordan and her two sisters were orphans in frilly dresses when they went to live with their sports-lawyer uncle in his world of locker rooms, bookies and gambling. Now the girls are publicists in their uncle's firm, The Hot Zone.
Despite her upbringing, Annabelle is all woman. She's naturally drawn to real men—like her latest client, businessman and former football legend Brandon Vaughn.
The chemistry is potent, undeniable, irresistible. Annabelle soon realizes that Brandon is much more than just another jock. And that she'd better hold on tight if she doesn't want to lose her heart.

Hot Stuff Available From

Hot Number
Book 2

Micki Jordan is a tomboy as much at home on the playing field as in a locker room full of naked guys.
But the star publicist is looking to prove she's also an irresistible woman in order to get a second shot at professional baseball player and major league playboy, Damian Fuller.
Micki transforms herself into one hot number Damian can't help but notice and together they burn up the sheets and find themselves falling hard. Until Damian's past returns, threatening their future.

Hot Number Available From

Hot Item
Book 3

Cool, collected Sophie Jordan loves her daily routine running her family's top sports management agency, as long as she gets to stay behind the scenes. But with big sister on maternity leave and little sis on her honeymoon, she's forced to step up to the plate. And a recent media crisis surrounding the disappearance of super-agent Spenser Atkins is not going to make the job any easier.

Enter star quarterback and notorious bad boy Riley Nash who, for reasons of his own, needs to track down Atkins. Up until now, Sophie has kept a strict no-dating-clients policy, but each day with Riley makes her rule near impossible to follow. With her job and her heart on the line, Sophie will need to make the toughest choice of her life!

Hot Item Available From

Hot Property
Book 4

Just one short season ago, major league center fielder John Roper had it all: the looks—and personal life—of a sports hero and the public's adoration. But this hot property's lucky streak has run out. After a World Series disaster, fans diss him, shock jocks mock him and his dysfunctional family hassles him for money he really can't spare.

Now it's up to him, and Hot Zone publicist Amy Stone, to get his life back on track.
Amy finds it's easier said than done. What with the constant intrusions of his nutty family, a crazed fan playing stalker, and Roper's refusal to put his own needs first, she's starting to think that life in the fast lane isn't all it's cracked up to be. But when the two retreat to a secluded lodge, the sexy center fielder throws Amy a curveball—one she never saw coming...

Hot Property Available From

About Carly Phillips

After a successful fifteen-year career with various New York publishing houses, and over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels published, N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips is now an Indie author who writes to her own expectations and that of her readers. She continues the tradition of hot men and strong women and plans to publish many more sizzling stories. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She's a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she's a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers. You can find out more about Carly at

Find Carly Phillips Online

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Hard Justice by Lori Foster

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin
Date of publication: March 21, 2017

Playing it safe has never felt so dangerous… 
Justice Wallington knows how to harness his strength and intimidating size—skills he put to good use first in the MMA cage, and now as a bodyguard at the Body Armor agency. But no opponent has ever left him feeling as off balance as his new client, heiress Fallon Wade. Far from a spoiled princess, she's sweet and intriguingly innocent. It's a risk-free assignment, until he's required to fake a relationship with her in order to blend in. 
Sheltered from the world after a family tragedy, Fallon longs to experience life—going to bars, dancing, talking to strangers. Not easy with a huge, lethal-looking bodyguard shadowing her every move. Justice seems like her polar opposite, but pretending to be a couple stirs undeniable heat. And when danger strikes again, it's not just her safety in jeopardy, but a passion that's real, raw and absolutely against the rules…

Hard Justice is the second book in the Body Armor series.  Justice is a former MMA fighter who has decided to join his friend in the bodyguard business.  His latest assignment is to guard a very sheltered rich girl  He quickly realizes that Fallon is nothing like he was expecting.  

Justice is definitely on my ever growing book boyfriend list.  I loved these two together.  Even thought it was fast, I felt like for the amount of time they spent together over the couple of weeks, made it seem like it had been longer.  I always love it when it's the big alpha that falls first.  It really makes me smile. Fallon's story was heartbreaking and Justice's handling of it was just perfect! 

What I loved as much as the romance was Justice's grandmother.  She was a hoot of a character and made me laugh.  It wouldn't be a Lori Foster book without a mystery.  This one definitely had me guessing.  I kept thinking one thing only to find out I was wrong.  That just made the book that much more fun to read.  I flew through this book and am eagerly awaiting the next adventure with the men from Body Armor!

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Interview with Sue Owens Wright, author of The Secret of Bramble Hill

Author: Sue Owens Wright
Publisher:Black Opal Books
Date of publication: January 2017

In April 1946, Tessa Field returns to Bramble Hill in the quaint Cornish seaside town of Covington Haven, England, after learning of her aunt Emily Maxwell’s drowning in a boating accident. The moment Tessa sets foot on the grounds of Bramble Hill, long-dormant psychic powers are stirred in her. Through a series of eerie manifestations and unexplained mishaps, she senses an entity in the house is trying to make contact and reveal dark secrets. Tessa narrowly escapes being trampled by a horse ridden by the handsome aristocrat and writer Peter Tremayne, a childhood friend. Upon their unexpected reunion, Tessa is immediately attracted to him, and he to her. Yet, despite their budding romance, she soon becomes distrustful of his true motives. Convinced that her aunt did not die in an accident but was murdered, Tessa investigates and soon becomes entangled in a web of deception, betrayal, and treachery that threatens her very life.

Kari& Autumn: What inspired you to become a writer?

Sue: The desire to write was in my DNA, and I was drawn very early to the written word. Displayed on a bookshelf in my office is my first childhood toy, a vintage red Cressco Educational Board.  It had letters on one side and numbers on the other.  Guess which I played with the most?  When I was eight years old, I enjoyed reading Judy Bolton mysteries, and I even tried writing a mystery of my own back then.  I wish I’d kept that notebook because I’d love to see what I wrote. I majored in English at college, but being a late bloomer, decades would pass before I began writing for publication. Better late than never.

Kari& Autumn: Where do you come up with the ideas for your books?

Sue: For the Beanie and Cruiser Mysteries, I have gotten ideas from visiting Lake Tahoe with my dogs and from the mysterious folklore surrounding Da Ow (the lake of the sky), as the indigenous Native American Washoe tribe called it.  That series, first published in 2001, also arose from having lived with eight beloved Basset Hounds over the years.  Since there’s nothing I know better than those hound dogs, and the basset’s scenting ability is second only to the Bloodhound’s, I decided that the breed would make a wonderful canine sleuth in a mystery series.

My latest standalone book, a historical thriller titled THE SECRET OF BRAMBLE HILL, was inspired by my travels in England over the years, particularly in Cornwall, where the novel is set. There’s a dog in that book, too, but it’s an English spaniel. 

Kari& Autumn: What exciting projects are waiting in the wings?

Sue: The fifth book in the Beanie and Cruiser Mystery Series, titled EARS FOR MURDER, will be released later this year from Black Opal Books, and I’m working on the sixth installment in the series.  I’m also nearly finished writing a memoir.

Kari& Autumn: Who is your favorite literary character and why?

Sue: It’s hard to choose just one, but Jane Eyre is one of my favorite characters in literature.  I admire her strength and ability to overcome adversity, speak her mind, follow her instincts, and persevere in her pursuit of happiness.

Kari& Autumn: Just for fun, if you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

Sue: I’d definitely be a dog, but one that is spoiled and adored like my own dogs and the canine characters in my books.  Dogs have the purest souls and possess all the qualities I wish humans did, especially the ability to give unconditional love. 

Buy Links:

About the author:

Sue Owens Wright is an award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction. She is an eleven-time finalist for the Maxwell, awarded annually by the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) to the best writer on the subject of dogs.

She has twice won the Maxwell Award and earned special recognition from the Humane Society of the United States for her writing. She writes the acclaimed Beanie and Cruiser Mystery Series, including Howling Bloody Murder, Sirius About Murder, Embarking On Murder and Braced For Murder, which is recommended on the American Kennel Club’s list of Best Dog Books.

Her nonfiction books include What’s Your Dog’s IQ?, 150 Activities for Bored Dogs, and People’s Guide to Pets. She has been published in numerous magazines, including Dog Fancy, Mystery Scene, AKC GAZETTE, Fido Friendly, The Bark, and Animal Fair. Her work also appears in several anthologies, including PEN Oakland’s “Fightin’ Words,” along with Norman Mailer and other literary notables.

Sue graduated from California State University and has taught elementary school, college English and adult writing courses. She did MFA studies in fiction writing at the Universities of Dublin and Galway in Ireland and University College London in England. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, DWAA, Sisters in Crime, PEO International, Pastel Society of the West Coast, Sierra Pastel Society, SSPCA, and Daughters of the American Revolution. Her newest novel is The Secret of Bramble Hill.

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Blog Tour: Except and Giveaway for Beautiful Mess by Kasey Lane

Author: Kasey Lane
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Date of publication:

When attorney Jami Dillon strides into the conference room to meet her new client, she’s stopped in her tracks by an all-too familiar figure. Jackson Paige. He’s her tall, tattooed, and sexy as hell hook up from law school—who also broke her heart.

Hell’s bells.
Jackson Paige was, in fact, Jax Pain, the drummer of Manix Curse.
That thing in Jami’s chest tightened, making it hard to breathe.

Jackson Paige, aka Jax Pain, has worked hard to put that unfor-frickin-gettable fling behind him and the nasty secret that made him leave her. Truth is, life as the playboy drummer of Portland’s hottest metal band hasn’t helped him to forget the fiery, sexy woman who stole his heart. Lucky for him, Jami was just hired as his band’s new attorney. But when he sees the look on her face when she realizes who her new client is, Jax wonders if maybe being this close to her again isn’t such a great idea. The explosive chemistry is there, but so are the dark secrets…

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Why did it seem like Jackson was always right? It was starting to get annoying. But she did want to know what had happened to make him run from her five years ago. So long ago she’d buried those feeling of want and abandonment under something she could control. Discipline. Control. And school.
Jami felt completely unnerved under Jackson’s frank gaze. Afraid to know the truth, if he thought it was so bad that she might not ever forgive him. But he stared at her like he knew her, like he could see deep down into her dark places, and he maybe still liked her anyway. The weird, soft, twisty thing she’d felt unfurling before began to unwind more, stretching its warm tendrils.
“You gave me something. A piece of you. I want to give you something back.”
Her throat clogged, like there were jagged pieces of glass she couldn’t swallow down. “I’m afraid,” she managed.
His long thumb, the one with the black heart fashioned at the base of it, gently stroked the top her hand. The motion was both reassuring and unsettling. Every touch, accidental or calculated, sent sharp reminders of her body’s need for Jackson Paige. Was this addiction? Was this why it had hurt so badly and had taken so long to recover from his blow to her heart?
Now here he was playing the part of avenging angel and attentive lover, practically begging for a chance at redemption. What if she didn’t get the closure she’d needed so desperately for so long? What if his answers didn’t quite meet her expectations?
As if he could read her mind, he gave her a lopsided smile. “I’m not looking to make amends, Jami. I’m looking to give you an explanation. One that’s probably pathetic at best.”
She simply nodded.
“It wasn’t you. It was never you.”
Her heart, beating double-time since they’d sat down, suddenly stopped and dropped to her feet. The grim look on his face quickly transformed to horror when he glanced up. “No, no, no. I said that wrong.” He brushed his hand over her hair, tucking in a long tendril. “I meant I didn’t leave because of anything you said or did.”
After taking a sip of water, she found her voice. “Then why? Because everything seemed pretty great.”
He smiled weakly. “Do you remember what we talked about that morning?”
She shook her head. No, not really. They’d made love so sweetly and slowly, chatted in the afterglow about school and art. Then he’d left for class. “We had sex and talked about school.”
“We made love. And it was fucking epic. We talked about art.” He watched her closely, his eyes narrowing, waiting for her memory to come clear. Her cheeks burned like they’d caught fire. Jackson remembered their lovemaking the same as she did.
Yes, his art. And how he’d wanted to balance a law career with being an artist.
“And you wanted to do a showing at the campus gallery.”
He nodded, waiting.
Her heart started beating again, hard against her ribs. “I laughed.” Ice flooded her veins. She had laughed, speculating he’d be too busy with his career as an entertainment attorney to be able to pursue his hobby. “But I didn’t laugh at you. I thought you’d be in so much demand as a lawyer. Oh my God, Jackson, I dismissed your passion like it was a silly little whim. I’m so very sorry.” Exactly as her parents had done to her when she’d wanted to go into nonprofit or environmental law.
“I know, sunshine.” He squeezed her hand. “I was going to skip class, went to get us coffee and scones. I was all set to come back and finish the conversation instead of leaving it hanging there.”
“But you didn’t come back.”
“No. I didn’t.”
“Why?” She hated how shaky her voice sounded, how the short word came out as a whine.

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About the author:

Award-winning debut author KASEY LANE writes sexy romances featuring music, hot guys with ink, kick ass women, and always a happily ever after. A California transplant, she lives with her high school crush turned husband, two smart, but devilish kids, two Papillions, three cats, and several chickens in the lush Oregon forest.