Thursday, July 21, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Love Beyond Reason

Author: Sandra Brown (writing as Rachel Ryan)
First published in 1981 by Dell

The very sight of him made her weak with desire --- this "brother-in-law" she barely knew. What cruel fate drove her into his arms and tempted her to yield to his outrageous demands?

Jason Manning's arrogance knew no bounds. First he expected her to give him their orphaned niece, the child she had vowed to raise alone. Now he demanded that she marry him ... or lose the child in court! How could she trust another Manning? Yet how could she resist him? Katherine hated him with a burning passion ... yet her treacherous heart kept whispering "Yes!"

First, I have to admit that the original cover for this book makes me giggle. What were they thinking? The covers have improved over the years, but this one does reflect the times, doesn't' it?

Anyway, the story is pretty good, yet typical of the time. I liked Jason and Katherine's relationship. But the whole," let's get married so we can avoid losing the child to my parents" was a bit unbeleivable. It's worth a peek if you want to read Ms. Brown's early works. Her writing has much improved since.


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