Thursday, January 10, 2019

Review: Dead Man's Song by Jonathan Maberry

Author: Jonathan Maberry
Publisher: Pinnacle
Date of publication:  July 2007


Once an idyllic Pennsylvania village, Pine Deep awoke one morning to find itself bathed in a massive bloodletting. Twice in thirty years the townsfolk have endured the savage hungers of a murderous madman...but if the residents think the death of serial killer Karl Ruger put an end to the carnage, they're dead wrong.


Bodies mutilated beyond description, innocents driven to acts of vicious madness. A monstrous evil is preying on the living - and the dead - and turning the quiet little town into hell on earth. Their only hope is to find the source. But the secrets that lurk in the heart of Pine Deep are twisted into its very roots. This time the townspeople aren't just fighting for their lives, but for their very souls...

Dead Man's Song is the second book in the Pine Deep Trilogy.  The first one was OK, so I was hoping this one would be better.  It defintely was a lot more of a fun horror read.  This one picks up right after the first one ends.  Here, we begin to learn a bit more about who "The Man" is and what is going on with the town.  There are a lot more supernatural elements at play here.  It's also a lot more fast paced than the first book.

Once again, the story is told through multiple points of view and both good and evil voices are heard.  The same cast of characters are present.  Malcom is still my favorite among the lot.  I like his sense of humor and his adoration of .Val.  He is also pretty bad ass.  The best part of this one is the reveal of some of the monsters.  Talk about scary and freakish.   

The book ends with the fate of most of the charaters left up in the air.  I am looking forward to the conclusion in Bad Moon Rising.

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