Saturday, September 11, 2010


Four Stars

I liked this book. More than the first two in fact. I really think Carriger hit her stride with this story. The pacing was consistent and checking my reviews of Soulless and Changeless all the issues I had were fixed in this story and it also lived up to the promise the series showed in Soulless.

I'll call Changeless the sophomore slump and am eagerly awaiting Heartless.

If you haven't read the first two books, there will be small spoilers below.

My answer to the complaints about Lord Maccon's throwing over of Alexia, "Regardless, a werewolf fathering a child is like a vampire or a ghost producing offspring - patently ridiculous." To my way of thinking if Lord Maccon had not had a completely outraged reaction to Alexia's pregnancy it would not have read true. Remember, it is a FACT* in this world that werewolves can not father children.

*You know, the kind of facts everyone knows are true like the earth being flat and George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.

"I have died and gone to the land of bad novels." I loved this line. I think it gives a nod and wink to the reader, that there is some silliness to this entire world and we, the author, and the characters are all in on it. Silliness can be tiring, but a silly inside joke? Those are fun!

Ivy, Mrs. Tunstell. "At that, Professor Lyall gave Mrs Tunstell a sharp look. He wondered for the first time how much of Ivy was, in fact, comprised of dark curls and bigs eyes and ridiculous hats and how much of that was for show." Gold. I think this line could just as easily apply to the series as a whole. There are intelligent depths to these stories and are concealed under curls and ridiculous hats.

There is a strong thread of smart humor that runs through this story. The characters are beginning to fill out and become comfortable in their own skins. A vastly enjoyable story and highly recommended.


Bonnie said...

I seriously need to get started on this series!

Unknown said...

Oh, yay! This one is waiting for me in my TBR pile. Think I'll have to move it up to to the top! Thanks for the honest review.

Alisha (MyNeedToRead) said...

Yay! Glad you liked this one. I noticed this one isn't getting as much love (so far) as the other two, for some odd reason.

Cheers, and thanks for the review.

Barb said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I have a bunch going on if you get time to visit. barb g. directorylanesuperstore(AT)

Audra said...

Oh, your review warms my heart -- I just adored Soulless and felt a bit betrayed by Changeless.

Do you feel the story can be continued for two more books past Blameless? I understand it this was meant to be a stand-alone trilogy before Ms Carriger was asked to do two more. I'm worried the story might not be suited to two more additional books...

LibraryGirl said...

I didn't read your full review because I haven't started this series yet although I really want to. Looking forward to it!

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