Thursday, February 24, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Grand Passion

Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
First published in 1994 by Harlequin Temptation

Cleopatra Robbins has imagined the moment she'll meet the man of her dreams. But when Max Fortune strides into the Robbins' Nest Inn, a devastating sensation sweeps through her. She knows it's him. And he's wrong.

While I enjoy JAK's Arcane series, I also enjoy reading her earlier works. As I was saying to fellow contributor Melissa, JAK is like comfort food. You read her when you want something that is reliable. Grand Passion didn't disappoint. It was an amusing read. I did find myself laughing in a few spots. The main characters, Cleo and Max are good together and have great chemistry, but it was the "family" that really tied the book together. Family is a big theme that runs throughout the book. It was nice to watch Max realize that he could have a family, something he had searched for all his life. As always, there is a little bit of a mystery. While this wasn't the best that I have read by JAK, I would recommend picking it up if you are seeking out her early books. I enjoyed it.

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Missy Ann said...

Oh I remember this book now! I mean how many authors can get away with naming a heroine Cleopatra? Classic, these are the things that make JAK a forever favorite.