Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: You're Still the One (Anthology)

Authors: Janet Dailey, Cathy Lamb, Mary Carter, Elizabeth Bass
Publisher Zebra (Kensington)
Date of Publication: March 2013

A knowing wink…a smile that tugs at the heartstrings…a mind-blowing kiss. In this unforgettable collection of stories, four women have a second chance to rekindle an old spark…

I always like to read anthologies because the stories are quick and just the right thing when you need something light. I am such a sucker for long lost love stories.I found three of the stories enjoyable.   The last, not so much.

The Apple Orchard by Cathy Lamb was by far the most emotional of the four stories.  Allie and Jace were in love, but she broke up with him to hide a dark secret.  when they meet up again years later, the attraction is still there.  I was really rooting for this couple.  I loved how Jace never gave up in his quest to get Allie back.  I really believed in this couple's HEA, especially after the work Allie does to allow love into her life.  

A Kiss Before Midnight by Mary Carter has a bit of a voodoo curse flair to it.  Two people meet, fall instantly for each other and don't see each other for 18 years.  The problem, Rebecca comes back to New Orleans with a secret.  This story was cute and very sweet.  I was happy with how it ended.  I liked the supernatural twist in it.

Romeo & Juliet…And Jane by Elizabeth Bass was really cute.  Jane and Roy were great together.  I loved the small town that Jane and Roy were from.  The busybodies of the town help to create some amusing moments.  I always love a story that can make me laugh out lout.  

The Devil And Mr. Chocolate by Janet Dailey was probably my least favorite.  I didn't care for Kitty's character.  Even though Sebastian and her had a history, I just didn't feel the connection.  I think Kitty was one woman that should stay single.   

If you like anthologies that will put a smile on your face, definitely pick this one up!

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