Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Motherless by Erin Healy

by:  Erin Healy
published by:  Thomas Nelson Press
publish date:  November 11, 2014

On a rainy night seventeen years after his wife's presumed suicide, Garrett Becker sees her walking down the street. A car accident snatches him away from this world before he can reach her.

Marina has spent her whole life mothering her brother, who suffers from an anxiety disorder. After their father's accident, they face losing their home--the only place Dylan's fears are held at bay.

Crushing debt is just one of their father's secrets. Old keepsakes lead Dylan to believe their mother is alive and lives nearby. Sara Rochester is a successful chocolatier who doesn't dwell on her past and never expected the resurrection of its ghosts. But after Dylan confronts her, Sara consents to parent the only way she knows how: with money, chocolate, and a gross deficit of experience.

Marina and Dylan are very small when their mother is presumed to commit suicide.   She was suffering from bipolar disorder and postpartum psychosis.  Her car was found abandoned on near a very dangerous area of the beach.  To the police and family it's an open and shut case.  Then, her husband sees her walking down the street one day and drives his car straight into construction pit and leaves his children with a world of questions.  Dylan believes that local chocolatier is Sara Rochester is his mother, but Marina is suspicious of her from the beginning.  If Sara isn't her mother, why does she know every detail of their lives?

This book had some really great twists and turns.  Even the narrator isn't who you think it is, which was a pretty clever trick.  The characters were are well written.  I particularly liked Dylan and thought his anxieties were explained in a careful, thoughtful manner.  I would recommend this book to the mystery readers and anyone looking for a good whodunit.

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