Sunday, March 15, 2015

Running Interference by Elley Arden

Author: Elley Arden
Publisher:Crimson Romance
Date of publication: January 2015

Even when she’s playing offense, defense is the name of the game for Cleveland Clash offensive linewoman Tanya Martin. After watching her family and friends struggle with relationships and the strings they leave behind, she has one unflappable goal: “Protect this house. Protect this heart.” The motto takes on new meaning when her father’s beloved gym is threatened with foreclosure and help appears in the form of her high school friend Cam Simmons, who rolls into town after a Super Bowl win and a five-year absence, looking like the one man who could test her resolve.

More comfortable in the spotlight than in the gritty surroundings of his hometown, Cam Simmons dreads the off-season visit that comes with the ulterior motive of convincing his mother to move. But things change when he reconnects with Tanya. The more time he spends with the sexy, sarcastic woman, who is as determined as ever to stay single, the more he can’t resist the challenge. Until, becoming friends with benefits has her running away, and a bachelor auction to save the gym has him in the sites of a woman who could ruin everything. 

Running Interference is a quick read friends to lovers story.  Tanya and Cam grew up together and were best friends.  They have lost touch since Cam became an NFL superstar.  After winning MVP at the Superbowl, he has come back to town for a visit.  Tanya is wary of his intentions and tries to keep him at a distance,  I liked this story for the most part.  I could understand Tanya's hesitation on wanting to get involved with Cam.  Five years is a long time to not communicate with your supposed best firend.  Why all of a sudden now?  But, I did think Cam did a good job of convincing her to take a chance on him.  I liked their HEA.  

I know this is the first in a new series, but at times I felt like there was more behind some of the peripheral characters.  The series is an off-shoot of her Kemmon Brothers Baseball series.  I think some of the characters show up in that one.  I'll have to hunt them down and check those out as well.

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