Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Dog Master by W. Bruce Cameron

22238176by:  W. Bruce Cameron
published by:  Forge Books
publish date:  August 5, 2015

Thirty thousand years ago, ice was storming the planet. Among the species forced out of the trees and onto the steppes by the advancing cold was modern man, who was both predator and prey.

No stranger to the experiences that make us human--a mother's love and a father's betrayal, tribal war and increasing famine, political intrigue and forbidden love, joy and hope and devastating loss--our ancestors competed for scant resources in a brutal landscape.

Mankind stood on the cold brink of extinction...but they had a unique advantage over other species, a new technology--domesticated wolves.

It will take a really amazing book to knock this one out of my Favorite of the Year spot.  This book was AWESOME!  It was a very well written book about "cave people" and their attempts at daily life and how the first wolf was domesticated.

There are multiple story lines going on in this book and they eventually come together. One is about The Man and The Wolf.  He comes across a bad injured mother wolf who has just given birth to her litter.  He has just been banished by his tribe.  Together they form an alliance to survive, he shares her cave and he takes care of her and her pups.  The other two story lines are about the lives of two different tribes and how life is different for each one.  

I definitely recommend this book.  I'm a cat person and I seriously loved this story.  Fans of historical fiction will love this I'm sure.  Although, I'm sure this book will have wide appeal, there was so much to love about this book.  

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