Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

by:  Caroline Kepnes
published by:  Atria
publish date:  February 23, 2016

Joe Goldberg is no stranger to hiding bodies. In the past ten years, this thirty-something has buried four of them, collateral damage in his quest for love. Now he’s heading west to Los Angeles, the city of second chances, determined to put his past behind him.

In Hollywood, Joe blends in effortlessly with the other young upstarts. He eats guac, works in a bookstore, and flirts with a journalist neighbor. But while others seem fixated on their own reflections, Joe can’t stop looking over his shoulder. The problem with hidden bodies is that they don’t always stay that way. They re-emerge, like dark thoughts, multiplying and threatening to destroy what Joe wants most: true love. And when he finds it in a darkened room in Soho House, he’s more desperate than ever to keep his secrets buried. He doesn’t want to hurt his new girlfriend—he wants to be with her forever. But if she ever finds out what he’s done, he may not have a choice...

This is the second book by Caroline Kepnes.  It continues where You left off.   You was a love it or hate it kind of book.  Personally, I loved it.  I'm always a fan of those dark and twisted books.  You know those kind that when you put it down you question, "Did I really just read that??"  These book are like that for sure!!

At the end of You, Joe meets Amy.  In Hidden Bodies, Joe and Amy are dating.  However, Amy does some terrible things and then runs off to California.  Joe, of course, can not abide by that so he quits his job and moves out to California to track her down.  He begins working his way into the Hollywood landscape but his attention gets diverted when he falls in love with Love, a girl literally named Love.  Their relationship is perfect in his eyes.  However, much of his time is spent making sure she doesn't find out who he really is, and sometimes the past will just not stay buried.

These books have harsh language and they're pretty graphic.  However, Joe is such a well written character that I so recommend these books.  This book ended at a what could be a closing point, or it could be another starting point.  I'm really curious to see if there's going to be another book in this series or not.  In the mean time, if you haven't read these yet, get to it!!

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