Saturday, October 21, 2017

Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Stuntman Edition by Erin McCarthy

Author: Erin McCarthy
Publisher: Self
Date of publication: October 2017

If there’s one thing Toni Salvatore knows how to do, it’s make people laugh. Having embarked on a life of comedy back in college playing pranks with current Hollywood star Jack Cooper, she’s now a YouTuber with her own passionate following. Too bad her newest joke—a fake on-set kiss with Jack—results in an epic case of mistaken identity…and with Toni getting flattened by Jack’s stunt man and body double. What’s a girl to do but make the best of a bad situation?

Chance Ashton takes everything seriously—he’s had to, because of his past. Then he mistakenly drops the hilarious and hot Toni to the ground in what he thought was an action scene, and he’s so intrigued he lets her kiss him after all. The results? More explosive than anything he’s experienced filming movies. When Toni seems to be interested in more than a fast laugh, he knows better than to believe her…and yet…

For the first time in her life, Toni’s pratfalled herself into what could just be a real romance. But can she convince the sexy stunt man she’s capable of more than just a joke?

This novella is a part of a series of novellas that feature Jack Cooper.  He is an actor who is set to play a man who seeks redemption in his next movie. In order to research for the role, his publicist decides he should go on a "redemption tour" and apologize to people he has wronged in the past.  Along the way, he helps people find a little love.  This is Toni's story.

I thought this was a cute story,  A mistaken identity tale is always fun,  Toni and Chance were cute together.  Their attraction was intense and pretty hot.  Really, my only complaint is that it was too short.  I would have loved to explore this couple a bit more.  It's kind of a HFN ending, so that was a bit unsatisfying.  I would have also loved to see how Toni's YouTube schtick was going to change after they were together.  I'm not sure I would love to have my significant other running up and kissing random guys.  At any rate, it's a quick fun read.  I want to seek out the others to see how Jack fairs in his own love life.

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