Saturday, June 29, 2019

Review: Alien: Echo by Mira Grant

Author: Mira Grant
Publisher: Imprint
Date of publication: April 2019

An original young adult novel of the Alien universe

Olivia and her twin sister Viola have been dragged around the universe for as long as they can remember. Their parents, both xenobiologists, are always in high demand for their research into obscure alien biology.

Just settled on a new colony world, they discover an alien threat unlike anything they’ve ever seen. And suddenly the sisters’ world is ripped apart.

On the run from terrifying aliens, Olivia’s knowledge of xenobiology and determination to protect her sister are her only weapons as the colony collapses into chaos. But then a shocking family secret bursts open—one that’s as horrifying to Olivia as the aliens surrounding them.

The creatures infiltrate the rich wildlife on this virgin colony world—and quickly start adapting. Olivia’s going to have to adapt, too, if she’s going to survive...

I'm a big fan of the Alien movie franchise.  The first and second movies are in my top favorite horror movies of all time.  I didn't even know that people wrote books set in that "world".  So, when this book came up as a suggestion at my library, I knew I had to give it a try.  The story involves Olivia and her twin sister Viola.  Their parents are scientists who travel from planet to planet helping out colonies on new worlds.  They are experts in alien biology.  

I wish I could say I liked this book, but I really didn't.  It's a quick read, so that is one good thing I can say about it.  The first half of the book is kind of dull.  It was mostly Olivia thinking about how much she liked a girl in her class and wondering if that girl liked her in return.  The real action doesn't take place until the last quarter of the book and even then it wasn't very suspenseful.  I didn't feel any of the tension that I feel when I watch an alien movie.   Especially, when the main character kept thinking about her girlfriend and how much she wanted to make out with her.  I'm sure that is what would be going through your mind when you are being hunted by a killer alien.

I think had this been told in third person and with more then just Olivia's perspective I might have enjoyed it more.  I felt like was spent way too much time in her head and she was annoying. The other characters were cliche and forgettable.  There were a couple of reveals toward the end that were a surprise.  But it wasn't enough to save the book.  I'm not sure if I'll continue with the series.

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