Monday, April 5, 2021

Review: The Theory of Earls by Kathleen Ayers

: Kathleen Ayers
Publication Date: August 2020

Three words, uttered by the beautifully rakish Lord Welles, leave Margaret Lainscott speechless. His improper request, that she play the piano for him in her…underthings is as shocking as it is titillating. Margaret should never have asked his help in reintroducing her to Lord Carstairs. But his friend meets all of Margaret’s criteria for a husband; passably attractive, of below-average intelligence, and possessed of an obsessive outdoor hobby which will leave her free to pursue her own life.

Welles is one of London’s most committed bachelors, known for his notorious dealings with women and his part ownership of one of London’s pleasure clubs. He’s long admired Miss Lainscott’s unrestrained passion at the piano; a passion he suspects is not reserved only for her music. Welles is certain Miss Lainscott will not entertain his improper request despite the attraction burning between them.

A young lady such as Miss Lainscott would never ruin herself willingly.

And Welles? Nothing would make him compromise his heart…

Until a duet with a passionate pianist changes his mind.

The theory of Earls is the first book in the Beautiful Barringtons series.  This one is Tony and Margaret's story.  Tony, Lord Welles, is in line to become a duke when his estranged father dies.  Margaret is a not interested in marriage, but is seeking a match so she can get a hold of her very large inheritance.  Rather than be married off to the man her aunt has chosen, she recruits Tony to help her woo a friend of his.

This was a fun romance.  I loved the chemistry between Tony and Maggie.  That first piano scene was very perfect.  They had great banter.  I did have to warm up to Tony a bit. Ultimately, he won me over and he had a lot of growth by the end.  Maggie's passion for music was wonderful.  I wish I could have heard her play piano.  Along with the romance, I loved Tony's family.  They were wonderful and added so much color to the book.  I can't wait to read their stories.  I highly recommend this one.

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