Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Grace

By:  Charise Harper

Grace Stewart enters the third grade to learn there are 3 other Graces in her class.  In order to avoid confusion her name becomes "Just Grace".  How humiliating!!  The story of Just Grace is a super cute story about unlikely heroes and missing cat mysteries.

This week I let my 8 year old pick the audio book we'd be listening to in the car as we ran errands and this is what she picked.  While this is geared towards 2nd - 4th graders, I thought it was pretty fun.  The audio reader did a really good job.  All three girls had a lot of fun with this book.  It says something when there's no fussing about going anywhere because they wanted to know what was going to happen with Just Grace.


Read it or See it said...

what a great idea to listen to audio books with your kids in the car. Happy Follow Friday! I'm now a follower!

Savannah said...

That is an great idea. I am going to have to start buying them.

Amused said...

This sounds like a cute book!