Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Virgin of Small Plains

by:  Nancy Pickard

This book is set in a small town in Kansas.  It opens with the body of a seemingly unknown girl found frozen to death.  The night her body is found the lives of all the characters lives are changed.  I had picked up this book because I was looking for The Scent of Rain and Lightning but none of the bookstores had it.  What's up with that??  This sounded like an interesting beach read though and I'm glad I picked it up.  I quite enjoyed it.  It never felt predictable as so many mystery/thrillers seem to lately.  The plot lines were fresh and exciting.  The characters were strong, vibrant and likeable.  Almost all the little threads were tied up in the end...there was one that I was wondering about afterwards and it may have been addressed, but I got sick while I was at the beach and maybe I just overlooked it and I'm just too damn tired to reread the end of the book now LOL  So if anybody reads it and can tell me what Mitch's plan is for all the buildings he's buying I'd appreciate it.

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