Friday, July 23, 2010

The Wings of Leo Spencer

By:  Jerome Parisse

The plot summaries that I've seen posted on Amazon and Goodreads and the back of the book are really misleading.  Basically this book is about 14 year old Leo Spencer who dies abruptly and unexpectedly.  Unexpectedly to him, his family knew he had some disease that was never named that would kill him, but never let on to him the severity of the situation.  So, he dies and goes to heaven and become and angel and spends the rest of the book fighting evil forces that are trying to take over heaven and kill his family.

Part of me liked the book.  I thought it was interesting and different and it was written by a Australian originally born in France so that makes for unique word choices.  Another part of me was really frustrated with the writer.  It was like he had this grand picture in his head that he didn't get all down on paper.  I think the reader had to assume a lot.  The writer just expected us to know what he would know.  The dialogue was just completely unrealistic in places and at times it just didn't make sense at all.  There could have been a lot more texture brought to the story.   Overall, it was a good effort that fell a little short in my opinion.

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