Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All these Daughters!!

I recently noticed that an upcoming release is titled The Sausage Maker's Daughters by A.G.S. Johnson.  My first thought was that it was a really bad title.  Sausage making is gross and it's something people don't really like to think about.  Then it made me think of another book I have on my neverending TBR List, The Hangman's Daughter...and another book I read not too long ago The Heretic's Daughter.  I got to wondering just how many books have a similar title.  There's a LOT.  Go on goodreads and put Daughter in the search engine and 300 pages of results come up.  That's with just Daughter singular, there's tons more with Daughters plural.

So I compiled a little montage for your infotainment.  I only picked a few here and there.  I guess maybe what I'm saying is let the daughters stand on their own.  Also, just a suggestion to those in the publishing world, maybe y'all could get a little more creative with titles.


Jessica L. Buike said...

I've noticed that lately too! I posted a blurb about your post today on my blog:

Kari Boardman said...

Thanks for the mention!!!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Which other books could have used this title formula?

Would ‘The Hunger Games’ work as ‘The Exploded Coal Miner’s Daughter?’

What if ‘Twilight’ went by ‘The Socially Inept, Divorced Small-Town Policeman’s Daughter?’

Could J.K. Rowling have been such a success with ‘Harry Potter and the Dentists’ Daughter?’

This could be a whole new post.