Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spontaneous by Joe Harris

by:  Joe Harris, Brett Weldele
published by:  Oni Press
publish date:  Feb 22, 2012

Phenomenon, conspiracy, or delusion?
"Kelvin" Melvin Reyes was only three years old when Spontaneous Human Combustion took his father from him. He's since devoted his life to exploring the mystery behind the phenomenon, searching for a pattern and predictors that he might save others from that same fiery fate.
But the closer he gets to his goal, the further things lead down a well of secrets, horrors, and terrible truths.
Is SHC real? And, if so, can it be stopped?
Somehow I completely missed that this was a graphic novel, otherwise I might not have requested it.  It's not a style I particularly care to read.  I was drawn to the title and the subject matter.  I'm going to make a deep dark confession here...when I was in high school I was convinced I was going to die of Spontaneous Human Combustion.  Not really sure where that idea came from but it was there.  So I was curious what this book had to say about it.
Spontaneous was an interesting story.  I can't say I understood what was going on all the time, but it was engaging enough to keep me going.  The artwork was well done and creative.  Overall, my first graphic novel experience was a positive one, but I still don't think they're my thing.

If you've never tried reading a graphic novel, give it a shot, see what you think.  And by the way, I did grow out of my fear of SHC  :)

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