Thursday, February 2, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Lover in the Rough by Elizabeth Lowell

Author: Elizabeth Lowell
First Published in 1984 by Silhouette Books

Reba Farrall was lost—until a kindly old gentleman took her under his wing and helped heal her shattered spirit. Now her dearest friend is gone, leaving her with a doubting, broken heart...and half-interest in a California gem mine. But Chance Walker has burst into Reba's life—a daring adventurer who believes in nothing except the priceless uncut stones for which he searches the Earth. In the blistering heat of Death Valley—in the intoxicating presence of a jewel more exquisite than any he has ever seen—Chance must confront a dire peril that stalks the sad and sensuous beauty. For only he can save Reba Farrall from harm—and only she can teach him how to love.

As most of you probably know, I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Lowell.  So far I have enjoyed most of her books.  I think Lover in the Rough might be the exception.  You can definitely tell that this is an early work.  If I had to chose a word to describe it, that word would be cheesy.  I couldn't help but giggle through this entire book.  The subject matter, gems, serves as a metaphor for just about everything in the book.  From the beauty of both Reba and Chance's eyes to the sunsets and desert. It is loaded with them!

Chance Walker, with his mustache and slight Australian accent comes in and sweeps Reba off her feet, of course! Even though she has been hurt and is untrusting, she falls for him immediately because he is just so handsome and rugged.  She just met the man and she agrees to go camping with him, alone in the mountains.  Wouldn't you wonder why the sudden interest in a "dead" mine that you own?  Yet it takes her forever to figure it all out; long after the reader. Of course in the end, the hero redeems himself and the heroine takes him back with open arms. This probably wouldn't be the one of her throwbacks that I would recommend.

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