Friday, December 3, 2010

Feature and Follow Friday

This week's feature is:

I've been following Icey Books for awhile now and I enjoy her posts.  If you haven't already, go check her out!

Parajunkee asks:  What do you do besides reading / reviewing as a hobby??

I'm married with 3 kids.  I don't have much time for other stuff.  However, when I do have time I like to cross stitch.  All 4 of the writers on this board cross stitch.  That's how we know each other  :)


Tasha said...

Just stopping by to share some Friday blog love! Have a great weekend! Tasha @ A Trillian Books

Howard Sherman said...

I love it! A question pertaining something other than books! Here's the
short list of what I'm doing when I'm not reading:

Cooking, gaming, gambling, drinking, smoking, golfing and sometimes even
watching TV.

I expound on all of the above at my blog. Follow me here -

Howard Sherman

Sugarbeat said...

Stopping by on the follow to say hi! I used to cross stitch and knit.....then I had a child..... :) Drop by and say hi!