Thursday, December 30, 2010

Throwback Thursday - Annie and the Outlaw

Author: Sharon Sala
First published in 1994 by Silhouette Books

Rejected by Hell for one final deed of kindness, outlaw Gabriel Donner is given a second chance by God to make it into Heaven. The price? To spend the next 150 years on Earth righting the wrongs he's done. His task is long and lonely; but just as his time is almost up, he rescues the one woman who could make him want to stay on Earth, Annie Laurie O'Brien. Annie, however, has a deadly secret of her own, and making it all work out in the end literally takes an act of God.

This is not in active print anymore, so you will probably have to hit up the used books stores or get it from the library like I did. So, why am I featuring it on Throwback Thursday? I think it is worth seeking out if you are looking for earlier works by Sharon Sala. This is a really touching story about redemption, faith and hope. Gabriel Donner has been wandering the earth for the past 150 years trying to make up for a checkered past. His last mission comes to him in the form of Annie who is dying, and doesn't believe in God and has lost her faith. Their love story is emotional, strong and very believable. The book is very moving and sucks you right in from the beginning. I do warn you, I cried while reading this; both sad and happy tears. I gave it 4 stars, but only because some of the references did date the book a little. See if you can find it. I guarantee you will like it!


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Ann Summerville said...

This sounds intense. Thanks for the review.