Thursday, January 27, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Almost Home

Author: Barbara Freethy
First published in 2000 by Avon Books

TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Katherine Whitfield hadn't left her seamless life in California to get mixed-up with a rough around the edges man like Zach Tyler. With his well-worn jeans and slow, seductive smile, he was nothing but a cowboy on the wrong side of the Mississippi - a diversion in her heartfelt quest to discover the father she never knew.

Zach has a gentle hand with horses and a seductive touch with women ... and when he takes Katherine in his arms, he unleashes the passion simmering just below her cool exterior. Yes, her probing questions and tantalizing ways could cause nothing but trouble - but sometimes a man needs a little trouble ....

All Katherine wants is to find out the identity of her biological father. Finding clues in an old trunk that belonged to her deceased mother, she heads to her mother's hometown to find answers. What she gets is much more than she bargained for. Zach has spent the last few years trying to prove to a town that was swindled by his father that he is not cut from the same cloth. Zach and Katherine are a great couple. They both are searching for a place to belong and both come with baggage. Their HEA is very satisfying. While this is a romance, it has a mystery that keeps it interesting. The identity of Katherine's father was hard to pick until the very end.

This book is out of paper print (I got mine from the library), however it is available in e-book format. I definitely recommend this one.


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