Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest blog: Emily Cale

Today we welcome author, Emily Cale, who is promoting her book Getting Ahead.  Welcome Emily!

Publisher: Breathless Press
Date of PublicationFebruary 2012

Colton is exactly the kind of distraction Amber doesn't want, but he might be exactly what she needs to get back on track.

Recovering from a bad fall during competition, Amber McDonald decides to spend her last week of training before her next rodeo at a Colorado ranch, away from any and all distractions. It'd be the perfect arrangement—if only her fear wasn't stopping her from getting back on her horse.

Then Colt Riley steps in. He's sexy and seems to have incredible insight into her situation, but he's everything she's been trying to stay away from.

Colt knows exactly what Amber is going through...because he's been there before. Forced to give up his riding career after an accident, he sets his mind to helping her get back on track. All that's easier said than done, especially when she discovers his hidden past. Will his efforts be enough to help her get ahead?

Why I Write Happily-Ever-Afters
by Emily Cale

A lot of romance authors can trace their roots back to an old book they stole from their mother, an older sister, or even their grandmother. I stole thrillers, or, more accurately, they were given to me by my mom and teachers. There is nothing wrong with these books and I'm still a sucker for Robin Cook and Ken Follett, but when I sat down to write, I discovered I'm nothing like either of them.

This isn't the story of why I write romance. This is about why I love happily ever after endings and the thought of putting two people together. I'll sum in up in one sentence for you: Life is better when you have someone to share it with.

I came to this full realization on my last work trip out of the country. I was alone in my room and the hot water heater for the shower broke. Again. Since the main tube was off, water was shooting straight from the pipes across the room and hitting the wall. The only way to fix it is to trudge through the water and turn it off at the sources, then put the tubes back in place. By the time I finished this task, I was tired, cranky, and generally annoyed. As I crawled back into bed, I started thinking about performing the same task on my previous visit. That time I hadn't been as careful and ended up with second degree burns on both my hands from handling the hot water pipes. It also took a lot longer since I didn't know what I was doing. Somehow, I still had far more fun that time. The reason? I shared the room with a friend and co-worker who laughed with me the whole time.

Does sharing something with another person make a certain task better for you? I'll pick one commenter to win an e-book copy of Getting Ahead.

About the author:

Emily Cale spent the majority of her childhood as a visitor to the worlds of her favorite authors. With encouragement from her English teachers, she put pen to paper and began imagining her own stories. Preferring the fascinating lives of her characters, she majored in creative writing. When not lost in a manuscript or a good book, she enjoys crocheting, rock climbing, and playing board games. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and a very spoiled cat.

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