Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Indelible by Kristin Heitzman

Author: Kristen Heitzmann
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Date of Publication: May 2011

In a clash of light and darkness, can courage prevail? 
Rescuing a toddler from the jaws of a mountain lion, Trevor MacDaniel, a high-country outfi tter, sets in motion events he can’t foresee. His act of bravery entwines his life with gifted sculptor Natalie Reeve—and attracts a grim admirer.
Trevor’s need to guard and protect is born of tragedy, prompting his decision to become a search and rescue volunteer. Natalie’s gift of sculpting comes from an unusual disability that seeks release through her creative hands. In each other they see strength and courage as they face an incomprehensible foe.
When a troubled soul views Trevor as archangel and adversary, Redford’s peaceful mountain community is threatened. Together with Police Chief Jonah Westfall, Trevor presses his limits to combat the menace who targets the most helpless and innocent.

This is one of those instances where I wish that there was a disclaimer indicating the novel I am about to read is a sequel.  I have mixed feelings about Indelible because of this.  Overall, I enjoyed the book.  It was well written and the characters were very likable.  The mystery was interesting enough to keep my interest up.  It wasn't easy to figure out and that is always a plus.  

I also enjoyed the relationship between Trevor and Natalie.  Both have some major baggage and approach the relationship with trepidation.  I liked that they took things slow and worked to build up the trust that they needed for their relationship to work.  I was rooting for them to make it.  Natalie's gift was pretty unique and crippling at times.  I really felt for her.

The major issue I had with the book was that I often felt like I was missing major back story on some of the characters. I probably would have gotten this had I read Indivisible. That is the book that features Jonah's story.  Because of this, the book didn't flow as well as it could have for me.  I didn't get the "stand alone" feel that some sequels give me.  Despite that, I would recommend this one. I just think you might want to read Indivisible first.

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