Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest Blog & Review: Finding Home by Lacey Wolfe

Welcome author Lacy Wolfe, who tells us about secrets in books.  But first, I'll share my thoughts about her latest novella, Finding Home.

Author: Lacey Wolfe
Publisher: Ruby Lioness Press
Date of publication: May 2012

Julie Miller has returned to her home in Clearwater, Wyoming after discovering she is pregnant. All she wants is her mother to comfort her after her boyfriend told her to either have an abortion or leave. The only problem is, when she gets to her mother’s house, she doesn’t find her mom—she finds a half-naked man cooking breakfast.

Finding Home is a really sweet romance.  For those of you who have read her erotica. this one is mild in comparison.  But, the love story is still very satisfying.  Julie has come home to seek counsel and comfort from her mother after finding herself homeless and pregnant.  Instead, she discovers that her mother is traveling and has rented the house to Mark.  The attraction is strong, but Mark has a heart breaking secret.  Mark is such a sweet guy and I was so rooting for their HEA.  This story also features a great town as the backdrop.  I wish the book was longer because I would love to have read more about the town and the other characters.  Hopefully, Lacey will revisit this town in the future!

Lacey Writes:

Thank you so much for having me! I’m excited to be here today.

One thing as a reader I love, is the mystery of the secret in a book I’m reading. One character has one, and the other character is dying to know what it is. So they do everything they can to find out what it is. Is the secret one of loss, pain, humiliation, or just something no one has ever known? Sometimes we can get a sense of what it is as the story unravels. And other times, the author really surprises us.

Finding Home is the first story I’ve added the secret too. And it wasn’t just one secret, but two. Julie and Mark each held a secret they didn’t want to tell anyone else about. Only, Julie’s secret wasn’t going to be easy to hide for long. Especially with morning sickness, Mark had her’s figured out in no time. But, it took more time for Julie to learn Mark’s and what had made this mystery man leave everything behind to start his life over in the small town of Clearwater.

As the author, I didn’t want his secret to be easily figured out. I wanted a little mystery behind it. Hopefully once he reveals what he’s hiding, I’ll leave readers with a little of a shock. Don’t worry, he isn’t a mass murder who then takes Julie captive. It’s a contemporary romance. A very sweet one at that. At least in my opinion.

As a reader or author, tell me what type of secret is your favorite kind in a book you’re reading.

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Thank you for having me!

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