Thursday, June 28, 2012

Throwback Thursday: A World Apart by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
First published in the anthology Once Upon a Kiss in 2002 by Jove
Audiobook:Brilliance Audio (2011)
Narrated: Angela Dawe

A ravishing medieval demon slayer arrives in 21st-century New York to brave a strange new world--and a man who will be her destiny.

A World Apart was a very different story than I am used to from this author.  I have read some of her other fantasy tales, but this one was a bit more gruesome. The scenes in subway were reminiscent of any creepy vampire-demon movie. The evil demon, in this case, is changing the homeless into his minions by giving them a nasty kiss.  Gross. Cadre has come from another world to try to defeat this demon and stop him from destroying both worlds.

The love story was a bit rushed, but what else would you expect from a novella?  I loved Harper and how he was so accepting of Cadre.  Cadre took me a bit longer to warm up to.  It was also amusing to watch her discover the technology of this world.  

I love these quick older stories by Nora because they are great when I need something short and sweet in between heavier books. It's only 3 CDs long, so if you have a long work commute, it's perfect. This story was originally published in the anthology, Once Upon a Kiss. The book also includes stories by Jill Gregory,  Ruth Ryan Langan, and  Marianne Willman.  If you are looking for just the Nora story, try out the audio.   The narrator Angela Dawe was great!

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