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When Honey Got Married... by Kimberley Lang, Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter, & Ally Blake

Authors: Kimberley Lang, Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter, & Ally Blake
Publisher: Entangled
Date of publication: May 2013

Four high school friends and a high society bride reunite to celebrate the wedding of the year with the sexy, successful men who steal their hearts and set their skin aflame... A wedding planner should never mix business and pleasure, but Grace couldn’t resist breaking rule number one for a hot night with her high school crush!  

Eve hoped to make one last play for the groom-who-got-away…but instead the down-on-her-romantic-luck actress instead found herself in dark corners with his successful, seductive cousin.

The sister of the bride needed a date of convenience and who better than her hazel-eyed, mysterious co-worker? If only Nina could keep her hands off his perfect body until she learned his true identity…

The groom proposed to her eight years earlier, but it was the steamy kiss that Pippa shared with his brother the night she left town that haunted her memories.  Now she’s back and sharing much more than just kisses.

Nothing was going to ruin Honey’s wedding to the man of her dreams.  And she has just the wedding surprise for her beloved groom!

When Honey Got Married... is an anthology made up of four novellas about Honey's wedding.  The nice thing about the stories is that each one progresses through the days leading up to and through the wedding

itself. I liked that no ground was recovered.  Each novella has been recently released separately by Entangled as well.  While I liked them all collectively, I wish they had been longer.  I wanted more of the couples!

In Grace Felt the Heat (Kimberley Lang) Grace vowed she would never come back to Bellefleur, Louisiana after her humiliating years in high school.  Now she is taking over as the wedding planner for Honey. The problem is that the owner of the wedding venue is the guy who broke her heart in high school and made her the butt of jokes for years.  This one was cute.  I liked Beau and Grace together.  I really felt for Grace.  I think it's hard to let go of the hurt feelings left over from our childhood.  Their HFN ending was really sweet.

Eve Met her Match (Anna Clearly) was the one I liked the least out of the four stories.  Eve was Beau's assistant who left for a new job after he kissed her one night while traveling.  She was in love with Beau.  She shows up at the rehearsal dinner with the intent on getting Beau to change his mind.  I kept feeling like I was missing back story when I read about Eve and Rainer. Their hook-up kind of came out of nowhere for me.  That may just be the length of the story.  Had it been longer, I might have liked them more. 

Nina Tempted the Lord (Kelly Hunter) was really cute and probably  my favorite.   Nina is Honey's sister and has been the black sheep of the family for 7 years.  Alex has been in love with her for the past 2 years, but has been content to be friends.  He agrees to go home with Nina to attend the wedding.  I loved Nina and Alex. I think their story was the best because I felt like it had the most substance to it.  Their HEA ending was really cute.

Pippa Bared All (Ally Blake) finds Pippa returning to town years after leaving abruptly graduation night. Her return causes quite a stir since she used to date the groom.  Griff, Beau's brother, is also back  and has always had feelings for Pippa.  I loved how he called her Pip Squeak.  It was really cute.  Their story was my second favorite since they had a lot of history. It was nice to see them get a HEA.

The book ends with a nice little epilogue that wraps up Honey and Beau's story.  It was a nice wrap-up to everything.  I was able to read this pretty quickly and I definitely recommend it!

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