Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Desire Lines by Christina Baker Kline

Author: Christina Baker Kline
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks;
Date of publication:  Reprint edition (August 12, 2014)
Originally pubished in 1996by 

On the night of her high school graduation, Kathryn Campbell sits around a bonfire with her four closest friends, including the beautiful but erratic Jennifer. “I’ll be fine,” Jennifer says, as she walks away from the dying embers and towards the darkness of the woods. She never comes back.

Ten years later, Kathryn has tried to build a life for herself, with a marriage and a career as a journalist, but she still feels the conspicuous void of Jennifer’s disappearance. When her divorce sends her reeling back to the Maine town where she grew up, she finds herself plunged into a sea of memories. With nothing left to lose, she is determined to answer one simple question: What happened to Jennifer Pelletier?

Desire Lines was originally published in 1996 and has been recently re-issued.  I have to say that I was expecting more of a mystery with this book.  While there is a mystery to be solved, I felt like the story was more about Kathryn and her friends and how their lives were affected by the disappearance of Jennifer.  She has returned to her home town following a divorce and is putting her life back together.

What I liked most about the story was the way it dealt with memories and the hindsight one has years after an event.  How well do we really know even our best friend?  Does time in a way romanticize someone's life and do we unconsciously choose to forget the bad stuff in favor of the good memories?   It was interesting how, as Kathryn interviews friends and family, she sees that Jennifer portrayed herself very differently to different of people. So who was Jennifer really?  In figuring that out, Kathryn slowly begins to figure out own issues.

The mystery was pretty easy to solve and would have been solved years before had one person spoken up to the police. So, in a way that as a little disappointing. But the rest of the book made up for it.  I do recommend this throwback.  It's actually the first book I have read by this author.  I am intrigued enough to check out some of her other books.

About Christina Baker Kline
Christina Baker Kline was born in England and raised in Maine. The author of five novels, including the runaway bestseller Orphan Train, Kline has taught literature and creative writing at Yale, New York University, and Fordham. She lives outside of New York City.
Find out more about Kline at her website, connect with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

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