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Blog Tour: Guest Post & Review Desperate Hearts by Rosanne Bittner

Please welcome author Rosanne Bittner as she promotes her latest book Desperate Hearts.  She joins us with a guest post telling us more about her self and her work.  Enjoy it after my thoughts on the book!

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Date of publication: September 2014

Elizabeth Wainwright is on the run. Accused of a murder she didn’t commit, she has no choice but to cut ties with her old life and flee West. The last thing she wants is attention, but when her stagecoach is attacked, she suddenly finds herself under the fierce protection of one of Montana’s famed vigilantes…whether she likes it or not.

Lawman Mitch Brady is sworn to uphold justice. He’s never met a man he’s feared, and he’s never met a woman more desperately in need of his help. Something’s shaken the secretive Elizabeth, but as he gets to know the beautiful city belle, he finds the only thing he wants more than her safety…is her trust. Elizabeth longs to give herself to Mitch, but when her past finally catches up with her, can she truly trust her life to the vigilante who’s stolen her heart?

My thoughts:

I enjoyed Desperate Hearts.  I thought it was a well written and sweet romance about two people finding love during the gold rush in Montana.  Elizabeth has fled to the other side of the country in order to escape her abusive uncle.  She has something very valuable with her that he wants to take for his own.  Mitch rescues her from a stage coach robbery and it is love at first sight for him.  He will do anything he can to protect her and win her heart.  

While I loved the romance between Mitch and Elizabeth, I liked the overall story more.  I felt like the story wasn't overly romanticized.  The author did a great job of showing the harsh realities of that time, especially when it came to the treatment of women.  Gold mining wasn't glamorous or easy work. The tensions of the times caused people to turn to theft, rape and even murder. It gave more depth to the story.  

If you are looking for an enjoyable western romance, then I do recommend checking this one out.

Hello to all you readers out there from Rosanne Bittner!  I take it TBR means To Be Read, and if so, you’ll want to add my latest book, DESPERATE HEARTS, to your pile.  It’s a “wild west” romance that takes place in the 1860’s and is about a very “alpha” Montana vigilante who falls in love with a young woman from New York City.  Elizabeth Wainright arrives at the little gold town of Alder, Montana under mysterious circumstances.  Little does lawman Mitch Brady know that the woman he wants to make his own is wanted for murder!

            I have been writing about American history for over 30 years, and DESPERATE HEARTS is my 59th book.  My love for the magnificent western landscape and “Old West” history shows through in my books, which are well researched.  I have visited virtually every location about which I have written.  I have also written about the French and Indian wars, the Revolutionary war and the Civil War.  I belong to several historical societies and to Romance Writers of America, Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West and to a local charity organization.  I’ve lived in Michigan all my life, but my heart lies in the Rockies and the Sierras and every place between the Missouri River and California.

            Looking forward, my next book, which is my 60th, is coming out next July. I couldn’t be more excited! A book I wrote 20 years ago, OUTLAW HEARTS, will be reissued in print next June, and my 60th book is its sequel, DO NOT FORSAKE ME.  Together they seal a fabulous love story that takes place over 26 years – the story of a reformed outlaw and his family. 

            Thank you for inviting me to visit!  I hope you will pick up DESPERATE HEARTS, which will hit stores September 2nd and is also available in all e-book formats.  If you love a good read and a hot love story – and if you love the cowboy character – you will really enjoy DESPERATE HEARTS! Be sure to visit my web site at  and my blog at I am also on Facebook and Twitter and Google and all over the place on Amazon.  Happy reading!!

About the author:

Rosanne Bittner is an award-winning novelist who is highly acclaimed for her thrilling love stories and historical authenticity. Her epic romances span the West—from Canada to Mexico, Missouri to California—and are often based on personal visits to each setting. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons. You can find her at

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